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Sowjanya Feb 22
She was the single soul with sorrow,

Her sound of the sigh spread over the silent room.

God gave her grief to grow in the grav

She was enough innocent to improve her entire life.

Dreams were  delighted days..but,it is dolour.

How horrible! Hungry cruels hunted her.

She was screaming for security from someone.

Humanity was humans, only ego was exist.

Her howl was very high with less hope.

**** of the living men made her looser.
This is a alliteration poem on the theme women in society with inhumans
Sowjanya Feb 22
Leaves were falling from the tree of pear,
         She was still waiting for them.
     No one cared about her, listened her,
     At the last, the young ones lost a gem.
Quatrille on mother who is leaving in oldage home
Sowjanya Feb 7
A bird flew over me,
It's shadow gave spirit to me.
I ran continuously  to beat it,
But, I couldn't.It was over than my limit.

I was too disappointed,
The bird was smiling,my mind pointed.
I started a poem on that,
That bird was completely my highlight.

The bird came to me with chirping,
I stared at that with smiling.
It asked me,'why are you writing poem on me? '
I amazed when bird spoke with me.

I thought,again and again to find an answer,
But, that question was too harder.
I found it's eyes very much glowing,
Slowly I said, 'my soul has started you loving.'

— The End —