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 Jun 2019 MJL
Shut up
 Jun 2019 MJL
Your words are like an arsenic drip
  slowly destroying me from the inside
 Jun 2019 MJL
Excitement - attraction, ***, love
Happiness - money, marriage, family
Contentment - bbq's, vacations, friends
Boredom - schedules, chores, commitments
Apathy - distant, separate, divorce
Loneliness - heartbreak, regret, resolve
Renewal - freedom, flexibility, growth
 May 2019 MJL
BR Dragos
the skill
I want to develop
most of
all in this life
is imagination

So I can be with you
and hold you
and talk to you
kiss you
listen close to your
and beating heart
even when you're not
by my side.
This is what I call
a wise investment.
 May 2019 MJL
New Beginnings
 May 2019 MJL
The most beautiful green
I’ve ever seen
is the one between
the budding of the trees
and their fully formed leaves.

The color of spring.
 May 2019 MJL
 May 2019 MJL
You kissed me softly in the rain,
then laughed gently into my mouth.
It tasted like Spring.
 Apr 2019 MJL
 Apr 2019 MJL
When you are in doubt,
you have to never forget,
there is always hope
 Apr 2019 MJL
Masha Yurkevich
A little girl
has two apples in her hands.
"Can I have one, sweetie?" her mother
asked. The girl looked at the two apples
in her hands and took a bite out of both
of them. The mother tried to hide her
disappointment of what her daughter
had just done. The little girl looks
up at her mother and hands
her one of the apples.

"Here mommy,"
she says,
"This one is sweeter
Sometimes things are not the way they look. Don't judge by what you see just on the outside.
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