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Imagine if we were all happy

Would there still be hate
I did something wrong

I lost all my words                                                                                              

They all flew away    

I think they flew away because they couldn't handle the mean words that my insecurity showed them.

They didn't like that.
one day at a time.
To take air into the lungs and then expel it
especially as a regular physiological process

Then why did He stop
I looked into the mirror today

what an utterly ****** idea
If there's a problem then you fix it

You're not broken just bent

You're not crying just raining

You're not a victim but a survivor

You don't have a slash just a scrap

You're not weak just delicate
Someday i'm going to wake up
And when that day comes
Well i'm going to wake up with a smile


That someday

isn't here yet
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