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Teairra Jun 20
Oh what a mess you make
You pull me from both ends
and take me from the path I've made
you sit me down
Spin me around
and tell me to do it that way
You spin backwards for the love you
show me  
still no mercy comes my way
Teairra Mar 13
It all made since
Still I complained, about the pain
Mostly due to the thoughts
I tend to reminisce    
I do this so very often
Slowly leaning over into my own coffin
If I fall in, make sure to wash my face
Mix water and sunlight until it reaches
The finest paste,
My whole life’s been a race against time
Who’s in love with space.
and against time with a steady pace
I’ve watched myself come to be by a certain grace, and when I go I’ll be by a lake locked into the sunset as it sets into its ways.
An everlasting routine with minor delays on light which takes form as the darks mysterious maze of colors that only seem to pop up then fade.

— The End —