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Amira Sep 4
They say a sister is a blessing
you’re behavior has me guessing

An absolute annoyance
With a pinch of joyance

From constant fights
To proving your right

Disliked since the birth
Cause you make hell on earth

You act like a *****
we both know who’s a little *******

A pillar of hope
But forever my dope
Wrote this piece for my sister's birthday :)
Amira Aug 31
The 21st generation,
A generation of rebels and fools they say

Because we are,
A generation that crackle at the face of the odds,
A generation with emotions etched on their skin,
A generation that jeopardizes oneself to meet society’s standards ,
A generation that hardly express emotions veraciously,
A generation that depend on narcotics to filter the pain,
A generation of fabricated souls in grave need to fit in,
A generation willing to risk it all for the intense feelings of love,

Perhaps there’s hope for us
this unfathomable generation
because every cloud has a silver lining.

Amira Aug 31
Run away you,
away from desolation,
away from these blinding city lights,
away from this dense hard-to-carry burden
away from society and its atrocious ways.

Into tomorrow,
start over, turn over a new leaf,
a brand new you, because better days await
and never contemplate over what could have been.

Amira Jan 31
Most days
her eyes twinkled with joy
her lips always held a comforting smile
a ray of sunshine people called her

Other days
she gave soulful glances as her insides took form
deep down she prays for better days

one can only change
what's written on the walls
with the prayer of hope

Amira Jan 31
She was seated under a palm tree
staring straight into the horizon
reminiscing the past
a part of her longed to go back
to those warm yet lively hugs of eternal comfort
but deep down she knew it was unimaginable
so she laid there
thoughts running through her uncanny mind
memories of people she longed for
but alas, it was the past
never forgotten always cherished

Amira Jan 31
Her eyes glistened with unshed tears
While the 3am darkness haunts her
Reminding her of her lost ones
A part of her forever gone

Pieces of her still remains
Only to be shattered and lost
By those that devour the innocence
With smiles so deceiving, plastered on their faces.


— The End —