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  Mar 2020 Amira
Stained Glass
'Suicide is the only thing, you can control in your life.
And that's why it's considered a sin.
Because you're beating God
At his own game.'
Amira Sep 2019
They say a sister is a blessing
your behavior has me guessing

An absolute annoyance
With a pinch of joyance

From constant fights
To proving you're right

Disliked since the birth
Cause you make hell on earth

You act like a *****
we both know who’s a little *******

A pillar of hope
But forever my dope
Wrote this piece for my sister's birthday :)
Amira Aug 2019
Run away you,
away from desolation,
away from these blinding city lights,
away from this dense hard-to-carry burden
away from society and its atrocious ways.

Into tomorrow,
start over, turn over a new leaf,
a brand new you, because better days await
and never contemplate over what could have been.


— The End —