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aarbirb Apr 25
drifting through
a sea of stars,
my fingers trace each one
as if
your skin is sprinkled
with flecks
of gold.
also about the same theater boy haha
aarbirb Apr 25
i feel like i'm
running out of


something i just wanted to write down :^)
life is messy and i just don't seem to have enough time for anything
aarbirb Apr 25
lips flutter
along your neck,
leaving a whisper
in a language that only you understand.
worm?? more poems about love???
you know it b B^)
i just like writing about the intimacy I've never had
aarbirb Apr 23
Slivers of silver adorn
your ears.
Oh, how much I yearn
to kiss them.
about this really cute dude i saw at a theatre festival,,,,
aarbirb Apr 17
Your vines caress my
veins, kissing my fragile bones and sprouting
daisies from my  
i like plants and using nature imagery in my poems  :^)
aarbirb Apr 17
My fingers trace your
skin and incinerate like
cinder flakes.
this is part of a poem collection i have called "for her", so im just submitting a bunch from it to share here :^)
  Apr 17 aarbirb
We'll be tracing the stars
Across the midnight sky
Hands intertwined in the glistening snow
If only you'd know

Performing like asteroids
Flying in the air
When you're around me
Falling, falling
If only you'd know

We'd piece the suns together
Like a puzzle in our hands
countlessly reaching
Hoping we won't land
If only you'd know

I see the universe growing
In your eyes
A smile, a laugh
That illuminates the skies
If only you'd know

We'll be tracing the stars...
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