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cozykaye Feb 2019
Hello my name is Death
I am no saint – I must admit
You curse and scorn my name
But you cannot wash away
The truth of life I bring
At which all must end and die.
cozykaye Feb 2019
I find myself
On a path of white
The snow beneath
Pure and light
The wind is harsh
Yet, I not cold
As the Sun shines bright
And in His warmth
I find comfort.
cozykaye Feb 2019
He comes swiftly – furtively
Like a thief in the night
An unwanted visitor
Bringing no gifts – but freight

He knows nothing of boundaries
Sparing no one in path
He comes to steal the physical
Which is thy breath –

The master thief – indeed Death
Striking when least prepared
He takes all that you have
Leaving none to spare – truly feared
cozykaye Jan 2019
Here I stand.
In the snowy ground
My cheeks are red
My legs are stiff
To cold to speak, to move
How long must I wait
For you return?
A day, a month, or two?
But here I am
And here I wait on you —
cozykaye Jan 2019
The Sun has set
The Day is gone
In this barren land
Nights are long
For in endless Nights
Come endless sleep
And with that – eternity –

— The End —