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Your heart beats next to Mine
Your eyes dance with Mine
I can read between the Lines
Your World is Devine
Your heart beats next to Mine
It's the Rhythm of the Times
Your breath and Mine Combine
I can read Your Mind
Your heart beats next to Mine
You're one  of a Kind
Your World becomes Mine
Our Love is Devine
All in all corresponding to the next level of vibrations. Balancing rhythm between the polarity. The effect of the cause of gender. Light birth from the Womb of Darkness. Good Night my Eternal Love.
From the infinite spark of dark rivers of light thought takes flight. Springing forth sight aware lost in the night. Seeking  for envisions  for right. In order to fight the infinite spark of dark rivers of light.
I heard her voice before I saw her face. Words commanding my attention. I turned to witness a smile divine. Her lips shaped every line. Finally, her eyes met mine. I am lost and found all at the same time. Love eyes.
Love at first sight.
The fountain of life sets between two streams under a pelvic tree. Glistening with all its glorious beauty flowing softly. Twirling around my tongue refreshing me. I set aside the shore desiring it more and more. All the time thinking I have been here before.
She’s a Garden
Eye watch the Ocean
Dance along the shore
Eye watch the Moon
Eye seen it before
Eye watch the Sun
Thy will be done
Eye watch her
She's the One.
She held it so close
Closer than most
She wore it like a necklace
Around her neck
She couldn't speak without you noticing the tight grip it had on her emotions. It was the ship in her ocean. She tried to let go of it but she became accustomed to the pain. Never to explore joy again.
Broken But will fly
My Butterfly
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