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Cash Carlos Jan 30
Who cares
about the ***** laundry,
the coffee stained sheets,
the flowers wilting
on the table,
when so many homes
are scrubbed clean
and sanitized
of everything

Let me undress you
in this mess,
and in the time
it takes to do the dishes,
we will have gone
to Paris
and back,
making love
smoking cigarettes
and laughing
at the world,
and how
but us.
Cash Carlos Jan 30
When I open
a book of poems,
I am always
for the story
of us.
Cash Carlos Jan 30
Only so much
can be said
about the day:
the taxi cab driver
with a big mustache,
a ****** taco,
clouds like smoke
on a pink horizon,
and you
about a ******
day at work,
and me
looking at you
as if you're
the most
beautiful thing
on earth.
Cash Carlos Jan 29
I'm lost
in dreams,
holding seances
with dead poets,
and wondering
why my love
won't speak to me;

I've given her flowers,
and poetry,
kissed her gently
by the moonlit sea,
but one bad day in traffic
and she's as distant as a star
shining in the next room,
and here I am
pining away for her
like a poet.

as a sailor
lost at sea.
Cash Carlos Jan 29
We met
in a blue cafe,
a women in red,
with eyes
that turned me into a Spanish ghost,
and her radiant display
of laughter,
the wind she wore
the coffee she drowned
the kiss
she gave me on a platter of gold.

Two lives,
woven together
with fire
and sweat,
sea breezes
and the cool wind
of winter.

I still love
to watch her sleep,
and count
the minutes
of love.
Cash Carlos Jan 28
in the silence
between words
and action,
between sight and desire,
I hold you
in my life,
forever in my dreams,
forever in my heart.
Cash Carlos Jan 28
Nobody loves you
the way I love you,
my love.

I'm not afraid
to swim the depths of you,
to see your honor,
your grace,
your stubbornness,
your raw beauty,
your blue moods,
and quiet rages,
to touch your solitude,
and share your joy.

Nobody loves you
the way I love you,
my love,
because nobody
sees you more.
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