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Burning Crow Mar 21
Suffocating wings spreading mustard gas, supposed to be uplifted, dinning in the nuclear winter, I've seen you naked but never undressed,   
"Smile" Nobody is loved   
We just **** (up)   
Selling your smack out of your kitchen window, she's offering her payment (on the pavement)
Burning Crow Mar 20
Dusty waters bleed through rotten teeth, 
Your a hazard to the unclensed picture, I saw you rapping yourself around your sister tangling yourselves together softly moaning into each others holes for the pleasures of digital eyes, sickening for the masses, humbling for unwritten Chronicles, dusty waters lie in wait, last night I dreamt you were drowning, your sister was watching whilst ******* herself with a fishing knife
Burning Crow Jan 27
Grinning from ear to ear, I submerge you into an acid bath, I take in the scent of your disintegrating skin, you've never smelt so plessent, your body twitches like a poisoned rodent, I've never felt so aroused by You.
Burning Crow Jan 20
Now I can see your face turning 
Cradling a wounded pig 

"Nothing more or less a parasite" 

Burning in the world you lost, the world you **** upon, 

The faceless rats we are, being ***** by headless snakes 

Bathe in our own blood and filth, 

"Nothing more or less a parasite" 

Faceless rat ****** by a headless snake 

the night illuminated by fire 

We are now serving our fate
Burning Crow Jan 7
She fell from the black sky, like she had broken wings, a trail of mettalic dust glowing behind her. 
Her hands and feet are binded with barbed wire her mouth is sewed shut. 
Her ice blue eyes shine against her pale blonde her and translucent flesh, she almost looks like a broken mannequin I stair into them my head fills with the sound of her peiceing scream. 
Her face tells me all the tales of her shattered bones as if mechanical tentacles slithered across her spine. 
As the sun slowly starts to rise I smile as I say goodbye, such tourted beauty fell beneath the sky, I caress her translucent flesh as she disintegrates into nothing more than mettalic dust.
Burning Crow Jan 6
I sometimes dream of a gaping hole through my stomach, a woman with nettles and thorns for hair and snow like skin crawls out of me, she speaks to me of lost ambitions and teases me of the perfect future while she dances round dead flowers and rotted leaves, ash falls from the sky, blood poors from my eyes, she whispers to me in a crackling snarled voice that this bed of hypodermic needles that I lay in is my final resting place. She grabs my face and turns it to my left, all the people that I have ever hurt are standing beside me their faces blank and eyes are black slowly burying me in the ash that's fallen from the sky she whisper in her crackling snarl goodbye.
Burning Crow Jan 6
Crosses left burnt into her torso   
Staring at her disfigured pieces   
I wait for the flies to lay their larvae 
So pretty in her decomposition   
So warming in her cold stiff posture   
Love is love until it's a synthetic fixation   
Her face has a stale wax animation   
No emotion nothing just indentation   
Love is love until it tastes like ash in your throat.   
Flies begin to lay their larvae death is the breading ground of life.   
I take the knife and realise the ash from my throat   
Love is love.
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