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48 · Jan 2019
A break
Cat Jan 2019
I leave this trail
of fire and debris,
and the sound
of snapping teeth,
and feel strangely
37 · Jan 2019
Cat Jan 2019
Mood switch
Calm *****
Seething in serenity,
Gnashing my lips.
World, bring it on,
Keeps shoving it
In my face,
Smearing chaos upon my breast.
I won't leave
The realm I know best.
This is me,
But hey! This isn't me.
Topsy Turvy.
In other dimensions
I am free.
Filaments of loyalty,
Discarded small gifts.
Again and again
Nonsensical shifts,
Hysteria wound tight,
Snug like a child,
A snaggle loose thread
2 throw babe 2 the wild.
I'm not impressed.
Am I meant to  be?
Let's see if I can't survive
Through what 2day will bring
2 me.
36 · Jan 2019
Cat Jan 2019
severed the apron strings,
came here on my own,
cosy, but not home,
but better than
Mum's home, not my home,
sanctuary, space,
promises, plans,
bad habits
hearts eager
bodies eager
rash decisions,
time races,
time drips slowly,
silly choices,
lots of people,
have I done
the right thing?
or have I made a
terrible mistake?
I start to lose myself,
I dull the noise.
I don't like being
frightened or intimidated,
I turn, turn, turn...
thin, listless,
vague, resigned,
so sad,
sadness in my eyes,
but I keep getting up.
why do you do this?
why don't I leave?
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