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 May 2019 Cat
Ciel Noir
we climb
 May 2019 Cat
Ciel Noir
inch by inch
claw and fang and tooth and nail
out of the abyss
 Apr 2019 Cat
Meg Pasnik
bpd ep
 Apr 2019 Cat
Meg Pasnik
hand picked lovers
slide swords down my tongue
piercing pain spills
in my own solitude
narcotics don't help with the blood
swollen, I can't think.
pick the cotton out
piece by piece
until my head clears
until the bleeding stops
 Apr 2019 Cat
Truth is not beautiful
When spoken without thought
This was not a treasure chest
I held the key for
Rather one I found propped open
It was not earned
Nor mine to claim
Yet I find myself filling my pockets
With the trinkets and gold
That come tumbling out of your mouth
Ground between teeth
Leaving your speech unintelligible
I will bury this beneath my own treasure
Leaving a map for you
To never use
 Apr 2019 Cat
Zoe Mae
 Apr 2019 Cat
Zoe Mae
Sometimes I wish I were dead
Or maybe in a box somewhere
You could keep me under the bed
Take me out
Dress me up
Give me air
Sometimes I wish I weren't here
Or maybe in a tree somewhere
You could shake it and I'd appear
Check my pulse
Dust me off
Brush my hair
But most times I wish I were you
Or maybe on the moon somewhere
You could scream till your face turns blue
Bring it on
Do your worst
I won't care
 Apr 2019 Cat
bad poetry
 Apr 2019 Cat
thank god i can’t write good poetry
the best poetry comes from pain and hurt if you ask me
so although i can’t write like i used to
at least it means i’m doing alright
hurting is healing
 Mar 2019 Cat
Rochelle Foles
                     in the quagmire of her self contempt
                     a flame ignites beneath
                     the blackened caldron

                      a frog
                      set to cook in a *** of tepid water

                      was clueless
                      she was being devoured
                      from the inside out
the things we do to ourselves...
 Mar 2019 Cat
 Mar 2019 Cat
Did you ever look
Into an addict's eyes
And see the reflection
Of your own ghost

All your judgment
All your abuse
Dangling there
A noose
Around your own throat

Deeper than human despair
The soul gone missing
Into thin air
Did your spirit ever grow tired
  Of existing here...

Did you ever wonder
If there was anything left
Did you ever catch
Your last breath?
Traveler Tim

I recovered long ago, I feel for all the still suffering souls!!!
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