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3.9k · Jul 2019
Hitting different
Butterfly Jul 2019
Cutting of toxic people is better than cutting myself
Fakeeeee friends
3.3k · Jun 2019
Butterfly Jun 2019
Everybody has a  angel and an demon on there shoulder.
Sometimes the angel wants to **** the demon.
And sometimes the demon wants to **** the angel
1.3k · Jan 2019
Butterfly Jan 2019
If you look into my eyes
It's like
I can't explain
I can't explain what you do to me
The time stands still
My heart stands still
I can hardly breathe
My head turns red
You ask me what is wrong
The only thing that i can say is
Feelings are hard to explain for me
Maybe this helps you understand  how i feel
1.2k · Feb 2019
Trash tbh
Butterfly Feb 2019
To much informatie that my brain is trying to controle
I can do it
But not without you
Not without your arms holding me
Not without you whispering in my ear
"All these things will go away as soon you relax and think about the things that you are overthinking of"
It makes no sense
Well this is some crap
I mean i don't know why i am going to share  this
1.2k · May 2019
Butterfly May 2019
You are like an mosquito.
In the night, you keep me awake.
Sorry for bad grammar:)
1.1k · May 2019
Butterfly May 2019
Didn't expect that life without you was going be so hard.
Yes I am lonely.
And I did not expect that lonelyness could be so hurtful.
Idk if I made a mistake with the grammar haha
978 · Jan 2019
Trying to find a way
Butterfly Jan 2019
I made you cry,
Way to many times
But you keep saying that you're fine
And babe....
Am really trying to love you more and hurt you less.
Why won't i find a way?
I made you cry for a reason i don't get
But i can't get it of my chest.
So i still don't get why you love me?
Am just a bad dream,
That won't let you sleep.
It's messing with my head
Why won't i find a way to love you more and hurt less.
932 · Nov 2019
Artistic kid
Butterfly Nov 2019
The only art I'm good at, is the art of being lonely.
I painted something at 3am in the morning and I don't want questions, only compliments.
924 · Feb 2019
Butterfly Feb 2019
Am here
Ur not
Still crying
829 · May 2019
#1For my Fruithapje
Butterfly May 2019
Grab my waist and pull me slowly  body.
While we are dancing to music that's forgotten and will only exist in our memories.
Hay babe
This is kinda for you idk
Love you so much fruithapje
Gonna be a series
672 · Sep 2019
A single heart
Butterfly Sep 2019
I wish that I could reach out to your heart and hold it.
But your heart is an earthquake.
Just like mine.
I feel lost and I can't use Google maps for mental health.
654 · May 2019
What do you want?
Butterfly May 2019
Explain or leave
Explain my pain
You won't come back any way
605 · Sep 2019
Just press delete
588 · Nov 2019
Butterfly Nov 2019
I ended all chapters.
But when will the book finish?
Part 2 of stereotypes!
If you want to check out part 1, it's called artistic kid and you can find it on my page!
573 · Aug 2019
if i'm not there tomorrow.
Butterfly Aug 2019
If i don't make it through the night, don't hurt yourself. There are alot of people that can replace me.
Can i just not be in pain fore more than 8 hours.
520 · Sep 2019
Old emotions
Butterfly Sep 2019
I still feel the anger of the fight I had 7 months ago.
I laugh at it now, even though I probably shouldn't.
lol anybody wanna chat?
474 · Aug 2019
Just a little bit
Butterfly Aug 2019
Baby, just come a little bit closer.
I want to know your touch again.
I forgot:)
just for u some justin bieber
Butterfly Jun 2019
Don't go to the bathroom.
Don't grab the scissors.
You'll be a disappointment.
You said to yourself that you're done with depression.
Like I can control it.
What was I thinking.
Blood dripping
Tears falling
Looking at the sun going down just like my happiness.
Nothing to say
436 · Aug 2019
Butterfly Aug 2019
All I get is pain when your not home.

Baby come back
416 · Aug 2019
Counting the days
Butterfly Aug 2019
I'm going to count how many days I haven't cut.
It's been 14 days
If you can't handle this, please don't follow me.
404 · Feb 2019
Loving but dying
Butterfly Feb 2019
I'm crying when you're laughing,
So i don't know if i am cry of hapiness or sadness
My head is confusing
Turning into one another
But not the one I love
Thinking of your touch
And those beautiful eyes
It's been a while
my love is pure
Maybe to pure
Maybe to pure for now
I understand
Because too much perfect love
Can ****
Maybe I'm overthinking
Leave a comment below with some tips?
395 · Sep 2019
Wrong words, right feelings
Butterfly Sep 2019
All these emotions,
all these perfect feelings to put on a paper.
But still nothing seems right.
I hate this more than myself lmaooo
389 · Jul 2019
Butterfly Jul 2019
A promise is a wish that won't come true
I'm in pain
378 · Sep 2019
The feeling of your touch.
Butterfly Sep 2019
A feeling
That will never be the same.
I want your hands on my hips and your lips on mine.
But it will never happen.
373 · Jul 2019
Butterfly Jul 2019
Sitting in my father's car.
No one as said a word.
All you do is look the other way.
And I am just looking at you.
No feelings
No words
So much cheese
373 · Apr 2019
Butterfly Apr 2019
It's me
Her girlfriend
367 · Jul 2019
#1 Thoughts
Butterfly Jul 2019
"When we marry I want a huge cake like that."

My heart skipped a beat.
I wanted to kiss her so badly.
I love you
364 · Jul 2019
Stop me, now you still can
Butterfly Jul 2019
Standing on the edge of the cliff.
Losing my balance.
Not falling slowly,
But quick.
Hit the ground.
Blood dripping on the ground.
While you could have offered me a hand.
Text me
I'm lonely
362 · Jul 2019
I want help
Butterfly Jul 2019
I tried
Please I tried
But I am tired

I want somebody to talk to.
I want to many things.
Only thinking about myself.
It isn't true.
I think about you all the time.
This is a ******* mess
357 · Aug 2019
Rubber band
Butterfly Aug 2019
My mental health is like a rubber band.
If you pull it too far, it will get tight.
Until you pull it to hard.
definitely not one of my best
354 · Sep 2019
I'll leave
Butterfly Sep 2019
If I'm only something that's in your way.
I'll leave
348 · Sep 2019
Butterfly Sep 2019
All the words that I wanted to say,
a re gone
I need to take a deep breath and calm down.
But I can't.
The look in your eyes are drowning me.
I can only think of one thing.
And that is pressing my lips against yours.
I'm such a **** hiihi
334 · May 2019
#2 For my Fruithapje
Butterfly May 2019
I can ask for the truth.
The only thing is,
I will never believe you.
Another one
I am so scared I want to **** my self, because of what happend today.
322 · Sep 2019
Come back
Butterfly Sep 2019
I had some beautiful words in my mind but the disappear like your love has left my life.
320 · Nov 2019
Pushing to hard
Butterfly Nov 2019
I'm tired but let's do another day to see if things change.
I said I was coming back but sike, you felt for it.
320 · Jan 2019
Butterfly Jan 2019
There were times that i was your "babe"
Times that i was your "world"
Times that i was your "everything"
What am i now?
320 · Apr 2019
Help lol
Butterfly Apr 2019
Give me some love without having to ly
302 · Jan 2019
A perfect lie
Butterfly Jan 2019
Your eyes
Deep like the ocean

Your lips
Soft like a teddybear

Your hair
Smells like roses

But a heart
From ice
Trust people how they are
Not on how they look
300 · Nov 2019
The goth
Butterfly Nov 2019
I stare at the mirror one again.
They only seem to notice the empty face and the black clothes.
Part 3 of Stereotypes! If you want to check out the other parts, they're all on my page!
I really like making this serie, not gonna lie. And alot of people seem to like it too, it's making me really enthusiastic.
299 · Aug 2019
Butterfly Aug 2019
Me: hahaah you should dye your eyebrows blue.[jokingly]
My gf: sure[serious]
Two days later..
gets picture of blue eyebrows
288 · Aug 2019
Drunk because of your love
Butterfly Aug 2019
Your body
Your red cheeks
Your voice
You make me drunk
The only thing is, you're actually good for my heart.
Lately I have been writing love poems and I like it much more so yeah
276 · Aug 2019
273 · Sep 2019
Don't worry
Butterfly Sep 2019
I'm not even hurt.
I'm not confused.
I'm happy, because of a person who is not you.
Thankful for my bestfriend LMAOO.
That *****, I love her
270 · Jan 2019
Butterfly Jan 2019

Am not looking for a "perfect" person
Am looking for you
Yeah kinda *****
Anyone advice on how i can make it beter?
260 · Dec 2019
Another dumb teenage love
Butterfly Dec 2019
From one conversation to your lips on mine.
So called you mine.
Biggest mistake of my lifeee
257 · Aug 2019
Butterfly Aug 2019
I was standing in purple light and you said that you remembered that the first thing you thought was: "**** she's ugly."
I burst down
Of laughter
Than after we walked out of the light.
And you said that I was the most beautiful thing you've ever seen.
I'm sorry, this is such a bad "poem"
It's about someone that I love so maybe that will make it up?
256 · Jun 2019
Butterfly Jun 2019
Two bags of little KitKat's.
You eat a lot when you feel depressed.
I will get diabetes.
249 · Jan 2019
Butterfly Jan 2019
Another day

Another mask of lies

Another person that leaves me to die
246 · Sep 2019
Stuck in a circle
Butterfly Sep 2019
You can't control feelings.
Feelings control you.
I thought about this while I was eating a whole cake by myself and I have no regrets.
243 · Aug 2019
It's you
Butterfly Aug 2019
I want you're love.
I don't care how you give it to me.
I want it.
All of it.
I'm so egotistical, my love.
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