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In my life there were a lot  of people who talks about my weight.
Like "You are to skinny!"
"I can literally see your ribs!"
Even people in my family.
Negative not in a lovely way with support.
My friends did the same thing.
But I found a person that loves just the way I am, classic right?
This beautiful person is about to text me, because she is actually worried.
Well this came out really wrong and I don't know how to fix it ,so yeah
I can ask for the truth.
The only thing is,
I will never believe you.
Another one
I am so scared I want to **** my self, because of what happend today.
Grab my waist and pull me slowly  body.
While we are dancing to music that's forgotten and will only exist in our memories.
Hay babe
This is kinda for you idk
Love you so much fruithapje
Gonna be a series
Explain or leave
Explain my pain
You won't come back any way
Trouble to breathe at the moment.
I know why.
I actually don't know.
I think my brains know.
But my brains like to **** with my body often
Haha this sounds so wrong
Didn't expect that life without you was going be so hard.
Yes I am lonely.
And I did not expect that lonelyness could be so hurtful.
Idk if I made a mistake with the grammar haha
A letter full of words that won't go through my mind.
Yes it happend again.
Somebody left me again.
Or I left her.
I don't know how to see it.
Kinda ******* this up.
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