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15h · 88
Don't ask why?
Ask what should I learn?
16h · 65
To be scared it's normal.
But go ahead even scared.
18h · 50
I can't waste my time.
I got just one life.
23h · 42
You are my furry hedgehog.
You are my wild bunny.
You are my hand lion.
1d · 115
I still believe in us.
Do you hear me?
I don't give up.
Be happy no matter how.
My lesson number 577543478...
1d · 48
You have to, just have to be happy. Nobody will do this for you.
1d · 80
I stay cool like an ice.
I won't let my emotions light a chaos in my mind.
1d · 601
Good person...
Good person from elevator.
I wish you find your love.
1d · 84
Stay yourself...
Isn't easy to stay yourself in milliards of voices.
But you try, don't stop.
Try, try, try, keep going.
Stay yourself.
A milliards of people in this world. And each of them have own place. And every places are important. And each of them have own task. Each person sended in this world for go through own path.
And everyone are important and what they do, important too.
Be proud of who you are.
There is always a choice.
Any problem have solution.
There is an exit and door.
You choose what to think, what to say, how act, how react of any situation.
You choose your way.
If you don't like something, if you unsatisfying.
Be brave and change a path.
1d · 84
It's not my fault you acting like you act.
You made your choice in fact.
1d · 71
Comfort zone
If you wanna be strong, put yourself in difficult situations. Come out of comfort zone.
1d · 85
Life Lessons...
No one is want to hurt you.
No one is want to make you pain.
No one is want to be a reason of your tears.
Here's everyone for lessons.
It's just a kind of game.
Some came for teach you.
Some came to learn.
Some came to make you strong.
Some came to make you home.
Some came to love you.
For reason they all come
So be just brave and take all lesson
So Learn and be apprechiate.
2d · 83
I am a woman...
I am a woman.
I confer a doubts.
I am a woman.
I am morning angry and stress.
I am a woman.
I am your problems and painhead.
I am a woman.
I am your worries and veins.
I am a woman.
I am happiness, I am sadness, I am whole emotions in one.
I am a woman.
So be my men.
2d · 67
I know this smile.
So similary kind.
I see this light.
Upon the sky.
I hear the laugh.
Soft like a fusion.
No, no, no more confusion.
The books is on the shelf.
My eyes, where is my eyes?
Ah, here, right on you!
2d · 90
It's stable.
Once a month I feel like a cow.
2d · 57
The bottle full of empty.
Just drops of water falling down.
I am so thirsty, my lips is dry.
Give me some water.
Get me drunk tonight.
2d · 50
I am...
Do not confuse me with anyone.
I am me.
2d · 47
2d · 80
Black Friday
Black Friday, will become white Monday, and then yellow Wednesday.
2d · 79
Gold ray...
The ray impaled darkness.
And heavy clouds is clear.
And you will see the lightness.
If you will open eyes so free.
The ray is gold and brithness...
The ray of wisdom and success.
So brighten like a sun shine.
The ray of joy and love.
2d · 28
What you are doing is important.
What you are saying matter too.
You care, you help, your heart is beating.
It really matter what you do.
If you don't care, so who will?
You always starting from yourself.
If you don't care, no one will.
It's matter what you do.
It's matter that you care.
You are important.
Sometimes I feel myself unimportant. Sometimes I thinking what I'm doing isn't important. Sometimes I just wanna give up. I guess everyone have same feelings sometimes.
2d · 27
Don't give up...
Clear vision.
Brightness mind.
Simplicity of life.
Don't seatch for deepest meaning. Everything is fine.
Enjoy your life.
Take it easy.
Fly free like a bird.
Focus of your eyes.
Tell me what do you see?
You choose.
Preper to choose a sky, not shadows.
See the light around.
Through negative.
You stronger than you think.
Just believe.
Belief is best motivation.
3d · 64
Why can't you step on ego?
And write at least to me hello.
3d · 62
Sometimes I think my Cupid is too old or too lazy.
Someones is likes a memories.
But I am not,
Because i saw just **** pictures.
Because I feel a lot of pain.
That's why I choice to be a blind of memories and living here and now.
Appreciating every moment.
3d · 49
I care...
Where are you?
I asked a mountains.
Where are you?
I wonder from the sky.
How are you?
I sing to evening.
How are you?
I whisper to the wall.
How do you feel?
Are you okay?
I scremed to winter.
In hope to hearing your voice.
You happy, are you dreaming or you sad?
How are you?
The Wind is twice repeat.
How are you? Do you hear me?
Or wind confuse my speach?
You sleeping well and sun is wake you at morning.
What first thing which you think about?
You happy, are you hor.. or you moan...?
What do you do?
I care for you.
3d · 29
And stars was telling me you miss me.
And skies was showing you.
So beautiful and truly.
And wind is wisphering: I love you.
But where are you?
My heart, my soul is calling you.
Would you hear me love, throught winds and mountains?
Will you come my love throught all obstacles?
Will you find me in the haze of life.
Here, will I holding a flambeau for you.
3d · 59
Настижь закрытые окна.
И двери слетели с петель.
Все вывернуто на изнанку.
Вазы на окне вверх дном.
Что раньше было былью.
Теперь становится огнем.
И мы с тобой укрывшись пледом.
Согреемся  вдвоем.
Что раньше нам казалось тайной.
Нам больше нечего скрывать.
Я знаю, я все знаю.
И в тоже всемя, я глупа.
И ничего не вижу в этом мраке без тебя.
Ты знаешь, ты же тоже знаешь.
К чему нам ложь и суета.
Моя душа так жаждет солнца.
Но нету солнца без тебя.
Нет без тебя покоя.
Нет без тебя тепла.
Нет без тебя не сна, ни боли.
Нет без тебя ни радости, ни зла.
Нет без тебя надежды, нет без тебя искры.
Мне не разжечь все это пламя.
И вновь воюющий костер.
Я жду тебя, ты слышишь.
Я жду, я жду тебя. Когда же ты придешь? Когда же, когда я отворю ту дверь?

Open the closed windows.
And the doors flew off the hinges.
Everything is turned inside out.
Vases on a window upside down.
What used to be a reality.
Now it becomes fire.
And you and I are hiding in a blanket.
Warm up together.
What seemed to us a secret before.
We have nothing more to hide.
I know, I know everything.
And at the same time, I'm fool.
And I don’t see anything in this darkness without you.
You know, you know too.
Why do we need lies and vanity.
My soul is so hungry for the sun.
But there is no sun without you.
There is no peace without you.
There is no heat without you.
There is no sleep and no pain without you.
There is no joy or evil without you.
There is no hope without you, there is no spark without you.
I can’t ignite all this flame.
And again the warring bonfire.
I'm waiting for you, you hear.
I'm waiting, I'm waiting for you. When will you come? When, when will I open that door?
I was searching answers in the wrong direction.
I was serching answers in the haze.
I was listen broken microphones.
The Record singing always same song.
I was looking in the wrong  direction.
I was always made this same correction.
It was wrong.
I was looking in the wrong direction.
3d · 86
Family, Love...
3d · 58
If you don't love me.
I will love you.
If you don't love self.
I still will.
If I don't love you.
You will love me.
If I can't love myself.
So love me please.
Stay by my side when I am needed.
I stay by your side when you need. If I will falling.
Cauch me.
If you will falling down.
So I will cauching you.
4d · 538
Gentle people.
Gentle days.
  Gentle world around me.
   Gentle sun rise up at the gentle morning.
     I need gentleness. I need so much gentleness.
       Gentle flowers.
                 Gentle dreams.
                       Gentle cats and dogs and breeze..
is gentle.
5d · 65
I don't know...
I can not help but think of you.
It used to be easier before.
I used to be satisfied for months not to think about you.
And then for weeks, days.
And now for hours, minutes, seconds.
You have become so close to me.
I know that I'm not perfect and I'm not perfect, but I'm me.
Nobody is perfect.
I just want to be with you.
I do not know what to do.
5d · 148
Darkest night...
Let me look at you.
At the darkest night.
When a light from street.
Will be show your bleak.
Let me glance each piece.
Let me look at you.
While a sun still down.
We will covering, by the shame. Waking up at the morning sun.
I am not responsible for the words, thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions of other people.
I am only responsible for my actions, words, thoughts, emotions, feelings.
Everything else does not depend on me.
I have nothing to do with this.
I am responsible only for myself.
Так много спутаных вопросов.
На них ответов ищем мы.
Ищя и жаждуя ответов.
И в поиске найдется смысл.
И истина порой совсем простая.
Скрываясь под вуалью дней.
Мы смотрим, но не видим края.
Мы смотрим, но не зрим.
В который час, в какое время?
И где мы встретимся? Когда?
И одиночества пустое бремя.
Пройдут минуты иль года.
И от чего все это нужно?
И если смысл просто жить?
Идти на свет в конце тунеля.
А вдруг нас там совсем не ждут.
И мыслей ураган, с чего начать незнаю.
И как его остановить?
И если путь, дорога к раю?
И как с нее нам не свернуть?
И где конец, а где начало?
И что нам в след кричат они?
Или дразья или враги?
И не всегда ты разберешь под маской.
Что за душой таят они.
Топор или живые краски?
Способны разукрасить мир.
И не всегда слова что значат.
Лишь значат то что видишь ты.
И не всегда молчание плача.
Способен не услышать ты.
Так много мыслей  и эмоций.
Такой уж многогранный мир.
И где нам взять для счастья краски?
Чтоб разукрасить эту жизнь.
И то что здесь порой не ценим.
И то что там нужней всего.
Но каждая минута и то время.
Всю тяжесть тащить на себе..
Не видя, не ценя, не зная.
Какой нам угатован путь.
Для каждого дорога к раю.
Она своя, не сбейся, продолжай свой путь!
Road to paradise...

So many confused questions.
We are looking for answers to them.
Seeking and longing for answers.
And the search makes sense.
And the truth is sometimes quite simple.
Lurking under the veil of days.
We look, but do not see the edge.
We are watching, but not seeing.
What time, what time?
And where will we meet? When?
And loneliness is an empty burden.
Minutes or a year will pass.
And what is all this for?
And if the point is just to live?
Go to the light at the end of the tunnel.
What if they don’t wait for us there at all.
And the thoughts of a hurricane, I don’t know where to start.
And how to stop it?
And if the way, the road to paradise?
And how can we not turn off it?
And where is the end, and where is the beginning?
And what do they shout at us next?
Or friends or enemies?
And you will not always disassemble under the mask.
What a soul they hide.
Ax or living paints?
Able to decorate the world.
And the words do not always mean what.
They only mean what you see.
And the silence is not always crying.
You can not hear.
So many thoughts and emotions.
Such a multifaceted world.
And where can we get paints for happiness?
To decorate this life.
And the fact that sometimes we do not value it.
And what is needed there most of all.
But every minute and that time.
To drag the whole burden on yourself ..
Not seeing, not appreciating, not knowing.
Which way is right for us?
For everyone, the road to paradise.
It is our own, do not go astray, continue your journey!
6d · 46
whitten colour.
Are you feel how walls is breathing?
Do you hear they sing?
Do ever knew this melody?
Do you ever smell perfume?
Do you ever smell perfume of melody?
Do you ever hear...?
Do you ever feel how walls is breathing?
Do ever seen?
Do you ever seen such whitten colour.
Which is disappearing in the air? Do you ever knew that colour covering me fully like a tippet.
Do you ever seen such whitten colour? Colour of my dreams.
Black stencil cornered in square triangular.
Distinct and crooked lines.
Hand tremor flawing everything apart.
Tear snippets of the
yellow paper.
Were falling down and on the floor...
Black stencil on the yellow paper.
The Colour of sadness is yellow.
6d · 68
Empty hopes...
The hope is pleased.
The hope is cherished.
The hope inspired reliance.
Awaiting, long awaiting.
In room without windows.
In room without doors.
Pipe dreams and disappointments.
Illusions, masks, imaginations.
Spectacle without actors.
Full hall of ovations.
Where is no souls.
The hall is filling with blank colour.
Illusions like a clown is juggling with a *****.
Trying hard to light a passion fire in the public.
In the public which not exist in life.
It's empty hall is filled with applause.
Wind of disappointment.
Dry drops of my hate.
I don't hold you. I hate you. Constricted heart.
Short signs of jealousy.
Despairing tightly skin.
I don't hold you, go.
Who is guilty?
I guess no one.
6d · 122
Piece of broken mirror.
Cut my heart apart.
I was look at you from other side. That's why, I saw just distortion. Shadows of dusk and dark.
Gray illusions of my mind.
Games I only playing with my head.
6d · 46
I thought you are who not you are. I'm such a fool and idiot.
I'm very disappointed.
7d · 66
And God *** said.
If love somebody let them go.
So maybe I should say Good bye. Because I love you.
7d · 81
I hope your ego let us talk someday.
7d · 73
Let's talk
Let's talk about it.
Let's talk about us.
   Let's talk about knees.
     Let's talk about grass.
       Let's talk about trees.
         Let's talk about maps.
****, let's talk about something.
Oh, honey are you cold?
Here some blanket from sweet kisses.
I thought the hate is love.
I thought the love is hate.
But hate is hate and love is love.
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