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  Dec 2018 Natasha
jza aguilar
love is not him,
it's about you.
love is about being selfish,
but for awhile.
love is focusing on yourself
and cultivating the
happiness in your soul.
love is Y O U .
because at the end of day,
you're only your own anchor.
nothing will be left on you,
except you.
160515, 23:34
  Dec 2018 Natasha
jza aguilar
and suddenly we're gone.
the moments we shared turned distant memories,
the song we used to sing became   a classical piece,
the butterflies forgot to give fluttery sensations anymore.
the path we used to take became an unfamiliar road.
the half of me no longer aches for you.
our love became a folktale that no one longer recall.
Natasha Dec 2018
Lost in my mind,
I often seem to wonder
About the battle I've left behind
Lord knows why I ponder

I have this dream
It happens to feel so serene
like the consistency of freshly whipped cream
Yet I am in constant need of caffeine

Now you might not understand, why the caffeine
But trust me it takes a lot to handle the defeat
I ain't sure if my heart is even keen
To re-open a chapter of my life that's always been so discreet

I bet if my remains were 6ft under
You might have taken my story a little serious
Maybe I'll just take the refund
Before you think I'm being hilarious

Hilarious for trying to make you understand my pain and misfortune
Everyday feels like I'm hanging on a strand
Cause I'm losing my mind from all this exhaustion
But don't worry about me, maybe soon I'll be amidst some ashes & sand

— The End —