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Jan 5 · 114
What did I find when I looked inside?
A Wound, so deep and wide.
Untouched, yet judged.

Stare, laugh or persuade me to have faith,
as I observe this prevalence of hate.
The purpose, once so clear, now a void swathe.

Never wanted this, neither did you.
Refraining from complaining, its true.
Felt remorse for deeds to which I had no obligations
a fatigued inquisitive child, with no comprehension

Realizing now, it was my own imagination.

Fate’s bait, disguised as morning sun.
I start to run.

Now horrors of night,
lay waste in the day.
Problems? come as they may.
It’s a play of intellect,
to which I either succumb, or neglect

What did I find when I looked inside?
I found myself!
Writing my own destiny.
Dec 2018 · 286
It's a Rainy Day
Saurabh Trikha Dec 2018
As the sun soars high in the sky and the tarmac shimmers in the heat.
I walk along on a grassy patch, with my headphones attach.
My throat has gone dry, mumbling to the beat.
I have nothing but a bottle, which is half empty.
My feet they never stop, because I’ve got some stress to cope.
The trees, they give me shade.
Our shadows becoming one as I stroll past them.
The dogs pretending to be brave, until I reach out,
its the care they crave.
Leaves fall down to the earth, yellowish blade
some curling through in the wind, others gently floating

I look on to the horizon, where the hills meet the heavens
and soon realize its all going to change in a matter of hours.
The glimmer of thunder at the distance does not reach my ears yet,
but the cool breeze reassures me of whats going to happen next.
As the blue of the sky turns to grey, I ask myself
should I turn back home, or is it time to play?
I have decided and so have the birds, as they flock together the greet the showers first.
The magic when a single drop of water hits the dirt, and the aroma fills you to the core.
“Petrichor!!” been ages if I recall.
Despite being drenched from head to toe, and whether my mobile is going to work fine or no.
The rain has mesmerized me completely, even though being a brief respite.

Well its a rainy day, the first of many more to come, i pray.
wrote this last year, during the first spell of monsoon!! hope you like it.
Dec 2018 · 182
Saurabh Trikha Dec 2018
i know a young boy, whom i meet seldom
reminisce our moments, before i bid adieu

he used to bring a smile on the faces of everyone
whether be laughing at his mistakes or whether be his pun
relentless he was in his pursuit for fun

for he knew there was malice
whether in self
whether in the world which he saw outside the window

he was diligent in his pursuit for knowledge
observing and learning from his mentors
restless to become an adult

he knew he had to be righteous, which is a difficult trail to tread.
always reminding oneself, the simple phrases of wise men
so there is no point in being careless

so i meet this young boy whenever i go astray
and be grateful for everyone's effort and put myself back in place.
Dec 2018 · 842
Saurabh Trikha Dec 2018
In this never ending bitterness,
pour your heart out with a mouthful of sweet words.

In this never ending darkness,
stand up to the world, with a smile full of glimmer

In this never ending loneliness,
reach out to an old friend and share.

In this never ending queasiness,
take a breath

In this never ending selfishness to prove ourselves right,
give room to perspective.

In this never ending cycle of different phases, to which we stand witness,
learn from it...

that within lies greatness.

— The End —