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17, old soul. I write some stuff
16/F/bermuda triangle   
17/F/Zimbabwe    7teen and then life taught me to write My only true safe haven
Danilo Brito Steckelberg
29/M/São Paulo    I am what I should be although nothing should I be
tainted black
17/F/earth    what pushed me to write was the oddities happening in my life.
23/M/everywhere/nowhere    under the moonlight, i gather my thoughts of clarity, of passion, hurt and self discovery. More poetry in Instagram @lunar_babbling
jza aguilar
20/F/Philippines    her soul was built of passion and constellations combined. --- future cpa
Mellow waves
17/F/Lebanon    Poetry and violin stole my heart from the very start! Also i’m a thalassophile.
19/F/Portland, OR    a queer with too many dears, writings dripped in tears
Hamilton, NJ    Born, raised and educated in Trenton, NJ, one of 7 children from a family of Italian-American heritage. Received BA in English in 1976 with a ...
20/M/Los Angeles    Wanting to find the meaning behind the smallest things. Hopefully poetry helps with that :) Amateur photographer on Instagram @ShallowSky
16/F    In my 16 years of living never have I ever loved something more than writing poetry. Poetry brings light to dark places and hope to ...
17/M/India    ''''a loser in this world,...a new student of life"'..
Malavika Vipin
F    The arrows of Time When we meet at the horizon ( book [email protected]
Sam the lynx
31/Cold, cold place.    I’m from the grim north.
Shruti Dadhich
M    Words from a introvert
Oliver Philip
76/M/Q ld Australia    The long and the short of why I love poetry is written in my Poetry
18/F/Earth    "We've got stories to tell, we've got words to say. And, I'm right here to voice out mine. Everything is genuine, all from my mind ...
Jamiela Washington
19/F/South Carolina    I’m a damaged package but I’m worth it
Maxim Keyfman
19/M/Netherlands    I have an ear to hear, a mouth to speak Yet no words to say Although I hear many all the time

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