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Ferlin peter Dec 2018
Is home a place?
Is home a person?
Is home a feeling?
Is home a suspension of our four dimension location?
For some it is all of the above.
A feeling of acceptance and security, with that person, at a safe place with no regret of losing time.
I bet we bless the day that person was born.
My home, my favorite feeling, my warmest secure place to be.
Ferlin peter Dec 2018
Thursday morning delight.
Coffee - makes my entire day!
Cake - baked to make the world a better place!
Cats - furry, lovable creatures!
Chemistry - there exists nothing without it!
C* - You made the five "C's" possible!
So good yet so wrong.
Ferlin peter Dec 2018
Hot on a cold day and warm enough on a rainy day to kick me out of the bed,
The aroma and essence perfect for the troubled mind,
The warmth it spreads on my favorite mug is like hug from my mum,
Side to side I lay with my pug,
She sips her milk which puts her to sleep while I awaken from mine with every sip I take.
After a while it's not a wake up call but rather a booster to face the madness that awaits outside the door.
I suggest instead of falling in love fall in coffee, it doesn't **** you instead prepares you to face what is awaiting to **** you.

— The End —