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Zuzanna Mar 2019
Red lipped and her smile
Is everything, her teeth shine
Like the pearls against the pale
Skin at the tip of her neck, she
Claws at my skin, the pain throbs
For a second, drawing a little blood
Would you cross her? Knowing her
Hurricane mind? Coming out to play
To feel her tigress soul, wild but free
She doesn't pretend to be anyone
Only herself with a power like no
Other, a control willed by her heart
Motivated by the butterfly in her veins
There is a hunger to pounce, to run with
The wind, she carries class, savagery and
A deep loyalty others had tried to poison
But a paw put down is all that is necessary
To call it a point.
#savage #dangerouswoman #brave #motivated #driven #wildsoul #free
Zuzanna Feb 2019
What you don't know
Won't hurt you, I promise
You're better off without
The pain, don't trust those
Words my love, you deserve
Better in my arms than in the
Arms of the one who won't
Hesitate to break your heart.
Secrets don't do anything good for anyone.
Honesty is important if you know what is good
for you.
Zuzanna Feb 2019
Losing you is a habit
I love breaking this
Cycle all over again
Each time it tears me
Up a bit.
My friendships hardly ever work out, does this happen to you too?
I hope I'm not alone in this. I'm breaking the cycle.
Zuzanna Jan 2019
She wore her scars
Like badges, they
Gleamed against her
Skin like armor she
Never thought she'll
Need, with a pencil in
Her hand feeling as if
She had been holding a
Sword, scratching against
The surface of each word
Being struck against her
Knowing the battle would
Be won only by her with
Fierce determination and
Fire in her veins creating
Defenses greater than empty
Words that felt like rocks
Being hurled at her.
This one goes out to anyone who needs to hear a good word today or any day. You might be battling something, that's okay because it'll make you stronger. You are a warrior, so fight a good fight and never give up.
Zuzanna Jan 2019
I can't sleep
I'm left aching
All the time, I
See a man on the
Floor with a bullet
In his head, out cold
And dead. Mamma had
Said. He's not same man
She used to know, he is
The devil kind she goes
To church to pray for, in
Fear Beelzebub put a devil
Aside for me she cries seeing
Seeing a silhouette of a man
Who man ought to be my ghost
This is my Bohemian Rhapsody tribute.
I love the song, the movie and Queen. I
have become a big fan of the band, Freddie
will always be a star- he was, is and always
will be a star burning bright.
Zuzanna Jan 2019
Don't take it off
He said, tears in
His eyes stinging
As his heart had
Begun falling apart
The girl, love of his
Life took off her ring
Set it in his hand, she
Too was falling to pieces
As a crowd sung along on
The TV screen, love of my
Life don't leave me...
For anyone going through a breakup, anyone who is a fan of Queen. I may not relate to "The Love of My Life" but I understand the pain, as your heart feels like it's being torn apart.
Zuzanna Jan 2019
This generation is a lot
Of kids walking around with
Big smiles in public, crying
Their eyes out in private using
Drugs to to medicate themselves
To feel some sort of happy
Surrounding themselves with
People whom they still find
Themselves feeling lonely
This poem goes out to those who find each day difficult living in. Those who feel lonely even when they are surrounded by lots of people.

But also, this goes out to those kids walking around with big smiles and eyes so happy you can see the pain right through them. You're NOT alone!

People who use drugs to feel happy, I know you're struggling but help is always there for you to find. You don't need drugs for happiness.

The poem is inspired by the song "Medication" by Yungblud, a young lad from up North in England.
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