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A Freedom Oct 7
'a silent bystander's watching,
while sees nor its silence,
nor its mark,
Awaken's  dreaming,
observation witnessing  asleep.'
A Freedom Oct 6
'now's getaways,
an elegant escort of its inner satisfaction,
humanity's courage sold within its loving comfort...
how high did 'you' bet?
did 'you' get high enough to bet!'
A Freedom Oct 6
'supreme manners turning into  feasts,
'I', devouring's  love,
'I', colour-blind Art's peace,
articulating lecture's reality,
bragging its release.'
A Freedom Oct 5
'I', rarely proves anything,
breathed in silence,
'Am' ~
coughing residue.'
A Freedom Sep 28
'barefooted tongues,
choreographing lexis funfair,
dancing its breath,
twisting a muscle.'
A Freedom Sep 25
'you' can get busy living,
once gone through a drainage pipe,
'Self's redemption turns into a movie.'
A Freedom Sep 23
'had nothing to lose,
nothing to gain,
delivering  life,
birthing pain,
it was dying alive.'
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