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I've always felt affection but not in that way.
I thought that something was wrong with me day after day.
My mom, my dad, my friends, and my brother,
I've never been able to say it to another.
It's because I fear that they will all leave me
If I allow that monster to come and eat me.
So I'm sorry to everyone I know now or knew in the past,
It's not that I hate you it's not that at all.
It's just because I've never been able to say
I Love You.
This just popped in my head in class I hope you like it. Also sorry it's so short
Jennifer Stoner Dec 2018
This place is magical, full of fun
Everyone here loves it a ton.
I know it’s not real,
I know it’s all fake.
I don’t know how long this is
going to take.
Because I feel like i’m stuck, I
feel like i’m conflicted.
It hurts so much I feel like i’m
being constricted.
I know I need help I really do
because I love this place but
i love that one too.
My daydreams were all I had and
kind of still are.
They were really all I had to cover
this scar.
I also think about my family and
all of my friends.
Whose relationship I really need
to make amends.
The decision is really hard and
really tough,
But I know i’ll soon get through
all of this stuff.
Hello this is my first poem and I hope you like it!

— The End —