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Joanna Garrido Feb 2019
I love the bones of you my valentine
Why don’t we go socialise?
Celebrate Valentine’s Day
You don’t look fat in my eyes
You’ve nobody to go with
But I will be there at your side
You like a bit of meat to grab hold of?
But I’m your attractive corpse bride

I love the bones of you back, my dear
We could dance, do the Boney Maloney
Rattle and roll, I do a neat trombone
Go Italian and eat macaroni
I’m more at ease at Halloween
But we’ll go paint the town, have a scream
Tickle my funny bone, give me a squeeze
A skeleton’s Valentine dream

Only if your heart is in it.

14/02/19 JG
Joanna Garrido Feb 2019
Hallelujah sang the angels
as he floated down the river
Romantic Masterpiece played on
Rescued from a watery grave
Haunting the Mississippi

Grace sang the angels
as he floated down the river
Poet Extraordinaire floats on
Rescued from a watery grave
Dream Brother

And the angels sang falsetto
Oh I’m not afraid to die
And the rain is falling
Wait in the fire, wait in the fire
Hallelujah ... I feel I’m drownin’ my name...

5/2/19 JG
In tribute to Jeff Buckley who drowned in the Mississippi age 30
Joanna Garrido Feb 2019
The sweet, sweet smell of a fresh rainfall
I breathe her in as I recall
A lingering kiss
A feel of bliss
Sheltering by the old stone wall

Rainfall bouncing on the ground
Takes me back that sound, that pound
to soaking skin
Clothes that cling
Laughing, running. Love we’d found

Rainfall heavy as my heart,
River of my tears
A soft goodbye
A wondering why
Rain reminds me we’re apart

2/2/19 JG
Joanna Garrido Jan 2019
She left with a case, not even a note
Heels clicking she never turned back
Clickety click, clickety clack

Where’s mum - little faces pressed
against the glass, eyes searching
Come away, says he, have your tea

She left for another, in her best coat
Heels clicking, she moved on with glee
Clickety clack, entertained on her back

Where’s mum- little cheeks stained
with tears, still eyes searching
Get to bed, says he, you’ve still got me

She left for the new, her old life remote
Heels clacking, she felt they did click
Clickety clack, her heels left no track

Where’s mum - little hearts plead
Eyes searching and searching
Clickety clack, she’s not coming back.

29/01/19 JG
Joanna Garrido Jan 2019
Graceful swan, your plumage white
you haunt the shadows of the night
on glacial waters of the lake
mute you glide, no sound do make
And I have loved you from afar
Lost to me, my wandering star

And how you danced as wings took flight
You mesmerised with feet so light
on every pirouette you spun
in moonlight’s glow, my heart was won
And still I love you evermore
Lost to me, hard to endure

You are the lake, the stars, the moon
Ethereal music’s soulful tune
Princess of the glacial water
Nevermore a lover, daughter
In death, your voice will soar the plains
Sing for me those sad refrains

Graceful swan, my deep regret
you nevermore shall be Odette.

28/01/19 JG
Joanna Garrido Jan 2019
She danced the dance of Death
The red shoes clinging tight
Pain with every breath
Giving up the fight

Near to sweet life’s end
The red shoes whirl her round
On Death she can depend
To dance her underground

Round, round in Dark Waltz spin
The red shoes dance her, on and on
A punishment for Karen’s sin
No sweet release for doing wrong

As she dances through Death’s door
The red shoes haunt the night
And spin around for evermore
A melancholy sight

26/01/19 JG
Inspired by The Red Shoes
Joanna Garrido Jan 2019
Love led her to madness
in this dark, putrid place
where the living are ghosts
and haunt the shadows
Cries echo and walls ring
screams in the day,
screams in the night
Love led her and love left her
in this house of no hope
Sunken eyes, never still
Pacing the corridors
****** by his signature
to The Asylum

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