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Julia Rose Nov 2019
Thine smile of beauty
Eyes that of sun
You are mine
I am yours
To dream of you
Is to dream of the stars themselves
Impossible beauty
No matter what my love,
I will always be true
I hope I will receive the same,
my love
Julia Rose Oct 2019
And Roses
Dungeons And
Long hair piled up
Secret  smiles
Knees brushing
Julia Rose Oct 2019
I flinch as you yell

Losing a battle is never easy
Over imagination
Very true to you
Everyone is on your side.

You hold me in the dark
Only I could ever love you
Julia Rose Sep 2019
I wave my decorated stick
I push the button to my screwdriver
I imagine myself going on great adventures

I bury my nose deeper into the book
Watching the tale in my head
I laugh
I cry
I smile
All with them
I feel the same pain

I see myself on a pirate ship
Back to back with my captain
Sword in my hand while I fight off raiders of the sea

I feel the wind in my hair when I'm on a terrace
A flowy night gown and a tiara
Are the only people to hear the declaration of love

I memorize each page,
I remember each character.
I live and die
My heart breaks for the heart broken

But then I am pulled away
Back to school
Back to my mundane life
Dreaming of tales I can never live
I have always loved to read. And often now, I can't put a book down until it's done and gone.
Julia Rose Jul 2019
Meeting eyes
Fleeting hearts
Mouths grinning
Heart swelling

First date
Take me home
First Kiss
Closed doors

Cuddling and
Hand holding
Soft kisses
In the
Moonlight Still

Kisses and laughter
Throwing food
At eachother

Nervous laughter
Dinner at
Le Beaute
On Knee
Ring out
I do!

Wedding plans
Dresses and veils
Tuxes and Flowers
Crying and

Making up
Walking down
Bright smile
Giving away

I do
I do
Sharing rings

First dance
Cake Smashing
Pictures dancing

Off to

Photos and memories
Mking love
Back home

Month later
Positve line
Screaming for joy

Nursery setup
White crib
Blue walls
And love

She wakes
And screams
It’s time!

They rush

They go in
Push and
Push and
Breath and
Push and
Push and

All done
No crying
My baby
Where is
Give me
My baby

Hes gone

Sad eyes
Teary cries
Baby gone
Husband trying
Wife dying

Baby gone
No cries
Julia Rose Jun 2019
I crawl
Up towards the secret
Kept between the lips of
and grandfather

A step
A creak
A flinch
A step

I watch
The Doors

I step
And step

I stop

The must
The old
Long forgotten
Wasting their days
Singing a song
Of when they were used

A prom dress
Sang a song
Of her first dance
Her first kiss

A couch
Told story
Of woe
A widow's
Tears forever stained
On the back

A long white dress
Hummed a tune
Of Love
Love forgotten
In the midst of a war'

The scent
Of history lingered
Her family's story
Seeping though

The emotions
The tears
The laughter
It's still here
But the memories
Seeping through the cracks
Julia Rose Jun 2019
I see you smile to yourself

Leap for joy
Over the moon for you
Very pretty
Everyone says

Your hand feels warm
On my own
Untouchable dream
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