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Grace E Sep 23
I wish that I had Your eyes
That gazes into hearts and discerns motives
I wish I knew all that You have planned,
That I could stare down the tunnels of time
And understand the purposes of trials while they are happening
I simply must trust in You
In Your goodness
In Your grace
Even as the world is turned upside down
Kingdoms crumble and empires fall
Yet You never will
You are everlasting, eternal, unceasing, unfailing
I simply must rest in You
Acknowledging day by day
That You are God and I am not.
Grace E Sep 16
Often times the villain
Was once a victim
Subjected to abuse or neglect
Often in the pursuit of killing their monsters
They become a monster themselves
Grace E Sep 16
Feeling the weight of commitment
No one ever warns a young bride
Of the difficulty of promise keeping
Of upholding an oath
Of dying to yourself and living for him
They say “diamonds are forever”
As I’m starring at my left hand
And gazing at my ring
That light grabbing tether
That glittering bond
I realize the diamonds represent us
Represents our vow
Represents forever
Grace E Sep 14
Look up lonely soul.
The world’s still full of light.
The stars still shine for you,
Even in the blackest night.
Grace E Sep 10
The type of love that melts selfishness
Burns the chaff of superficial attraction
The type of love that fuses spirits together
That transcends mortal, physical plains
Love that could drown rivers, overflow banks and shores
A love that breaks barriers and transcends logic and reasoning
Love that tangles souls together and intertwines psyches
That is the love we have
deep and fathomless, true and solid, wild and inflaming
Grace E Sep 9
When Joshua crossed the Jordon River
God told 1 man from each of the 12 tribes to set up 12 stones
A memorial, to remember that God parted the river for them
The same way He parted the Red Sea for Moses when they were exiting Egypt
And Israel feared Joshua, the same way they feared Moses

Jesus stood in a boat with 12 disciples
Afraid for their lives when a mighty storm hit
Jesus arose and rebuked the wind and said to the sea “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was great calm, and the disciples feared exceedingly, saying to themselves “who can this be, that even the wind and the sea obey Him?”

God parts seas, and God calms storms.
First account is from Joshua 4, second account is from Mark 4. Was reading my Bible and was amazed at the similarities of these two stories, 12 tribes, 12 disciples, one God who moves or calms insurmountable obstacles on their behalf. Love it.
Grace E Sep 8
That’s where you went wrong darling,
You were trying to hide your feelings,
But you looked into my eyes
And splashed around in their blue green pool
I held that gaze and didn’t retract
And I knew exactly who you were in an instant
My energy attached to yours
Two conscious’s connected
I saw an insecure boy
With dreams of becoming a powerful man
I saw a wounded ego
A man who dreamed he’d be loved like a king
Instead, is treated like a pauper by those he made himself vulnerable to
I saw you looking at me
Like I was a new hope for you
I saw you stand up straighter
Your shoulders widened
Your eyes dilated
I saw you look back at me as you started walking away
I know you
I’m in your head
You can hide your feelings from everyone else
But not me, darling, not me.
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