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i always have
the urge to run.

but what is it like
to be a tree?

to be confident enough
to root yourself
and grow with
wild abandonment,
being unapologetically

i'm still running,
but i wish i knew.
Atoms circulate between the nuclei of touch
Schrodinger’s laws exposing deceit and truth
Lamenting in the protons, electrons, and neutrons
Encircling the senses between the eyes and fingers

Particles flow between the elements of breathing
Of soul, of emotion, and memories worn thin
In terminal velocities of thought and contemplation
Barriers of consciousness and reality

Molecules of intentions, intricate and delicate
Bound together by ionic twists of fate
And strained into bent bonds of insecurity
Providing violent reactions of regrets

Ions, formed in this union, complicate the formula
Indifferent to the imbalance between the sighs
Requiring the impact, to leave a free electron of motive
Resulting in a positive change of heart and mind

© 2014
let's be water
and flow where we want 
go where we wish 
and fall till were gone

let's be sand
and lay till we can’t
sit where we stand
as I crawl to your hand

let's be ice 
and go where its cool
live like we rule
the world is no fool

let's be fire 
and burn till we’re cold
flicker to the beat
with the rhythm and soul

let's be air 
and float through the sky
stop all our cares
and go where its high

let's be rocks
and last forever we will
roll around and fall down
without a care in the world 

let's be trees 
and live as long as we last
grow taller than the highest mast
and give love at every pass

let's be flowers 
and grow where there’s grass
love with our hearts
and let go of the past

let's be flowers and grow where there’s grass
I sent the line "lets be flowers and grow where there's grass" to my very best friend, we were talking about who and what we could be, and or going to be one day.
She was very satisfied with bing a flower. ha.
it's official
it has been
a month

a whole,
wild month
but still a month

a month of
countless words
hundreds of views

though the question is
what is the point of this?
i've been here a month
and i'm still not sure

do i write here
just so
i have an outlet?
to get these feelings out?

am i here
to seek acceptance
to find people who feel like me
or who appreciate my thoughts?

am i just here
to feel wanted and understood
to hear praise and
watch my views climb?

is this a way for me
to say things to people
that i don't have the courage to say
in real life?

or am i here to help
diffuse my anger
and dull the pointed edges
of my soul
and try to put together
the shattered parts of me
by accepting them myself?
Rain on me,
For I have been longing to be free.
Lost in my world, needlessly.

Rain on me,
For I am too tired and I need sleep.
This world is a herd and I cannot be its sheep.

Rain on me,
And show me the way.
This place is empty and I cannot stay.

Rain on me,
It has been too long.
I am sick and tired of pretending to be strong.

Rain on me,
I want to see the lightning pierce the sky.
As the thunder roars and the clouds fly.

Rain on me,
Let the winds take my mind to another land.
No one needs to know and no one needs to understand.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved.
I came up with this while I was watching the rain from my window, a few days back. I hope you like it.
In your darkest times.
The light only emits from
your mind, heart and will.
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