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mercy party Sep 11
talk to yourself in tortured narration
as you pace the house
the calender on the wall
is five months behind
the basement television
still on static from last night
and a note on the counter
on hotel stationery...
what would it say?
mercy party Sep 6
i am starting to wonder
if there were some parting words i never heard
things said behind scenes
not for me
but for me
like the lights of a shore once friendly
mercy party Sep 4
i walked the rail link
i walked it dawn to dim
i met a raging wind
i'm never going to see you
or this town again.

you get out to find your life
and it's nothing but learning to stand still
can't ever get beyond the mere dreamĀ 
i'll forgot how to write in New York
just so you know not to have hope
all memories of me are just remnants
so spend those nights at least knowing

something happened to me
as I came out the other side
of the Midtown tunnel
it was too quiet or something
i'm not sure I even made it
or maybe the world didn't,
the train only stops here for a minute
it's time you got going

what's there to say?
we know what's going to happen here
so find out somewhere else
i have nothing to say
i would rather sit and listen to this new record I got
maybe i paid a little much for it
mercy party Aug 24
you run when you don't feel like you are much worth catching
mercy party Aug 22
i would have taken that drive to Hartford
i would have hung on your every word
you sent pictures from Manhattan
i really wish you hadn't

nowadays it's all the same to me
i don't need or mind the company
and i broke my voice i guess
trying to talk to you from Memphis
i was hoping you might
talk me home tonight

slept on the roof of my car
out here every night
there is more planes than stars
as each city block is a blinding light to
make me miss you
mercy party Aug 21
you always walk by so fast
hiding in a hood
i lie to myself when i say
i did everything i could
you don't look so good these days,
hell has nothing on you.

i promised i'd be there
i am shards of glass under your skin
again and again
surfacing the pain
you buried deep away
it's not working anymore
sometimes blankets make it colder than it was

slept out in the car last night
of all the desperate things to spite you
it's not an issue of space,
it's not you it's me i am weak
and i am comfortably asleep
with the heater running

i dont want to use sight again
it is way too bright,
shut every light
dont let the sun creep in my darkened room
im leaving soon enough
just like you
mercy party Aug 20
i just stumbled in
to blanket my consciousness
before losing it
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