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i know it's been said
on the safe road you're as good as dead
i've been around every bend there is
i've seen what the night can do
and how a war changes you
we all got something that we did

i don't know where you're gonna go tonight
i just hope you're gonna be alright
that you're somewhere safe in your heart and head
and i just hope that you remember me my friend

i think about the times
about the day we met and why
and i don't know how the hell i stayed dry
though fraudulent ways
i guess you could say
the same reason why Dylan hides behind shades
mercy party Oct 11
not to smoke
i stepped out
to a walkway between
the foundry and the big fencing
that holds up the loose rocks from a cliff
i read a story a few years back
about a man hurling himself off of it
i start to imagine it like the Evelyn McHale scene
not just some hardened heart predictable casualty
like the man with sad eyes in the galley
i wonder if he was in the same phase of desperation as i
a desperation that leads you to such a rational crossroads

one way you burn
and the other
you just smoke
mercy party Oct 6
it is like hearing the faint word wait
from an almost city block away
the word wait
and so you do
trying to forget
knowing very well
that word could never be intended
for you

you turn around
to a perfect streetlamp row
you hear that soft word wait
"will you drive me home?"

if only i believed in ghosts
mercy party Sep 25
don't tell me that you need me
when you're here to steal my peace
i won't go on forever
for things out of my reach
when i was left to languish
in these abandoned fields
i did a lot of thinking
and i had some time to heal
you stole because you were in love
you fixed this up between us
and i just can't carry on
with the correspondence
it's like i pulled off to the roadside
you were an innocent diner
and i was just a stranger
fresh off a pardon
moment of truth when you saw the car gone
"served you right" you said, i knew all along
at times i thought this could be equitable
but i cannot keep you and keep my soul
mercy party Sep 23
leaving here with nothing
but an empty notebook of ideas
i finally stopped thinking
about how it was

you could never get the news on me
because i'm just too northerly
forever staying off your grid
maybe it's your turn
to wonder what i did

understanding my anonymity
instinctually like a sparrow
that never dare enter the open window

because it just knows
mercy party Sep 20
place your drink
so the seat appears taken
across from you

the memory of all the things
that we used to do
you always knew
you would lose
mercy party Sep 16
no need to explain
it's an old story
the one about the runaway
who couldn't catch all the breaks
in the far away city
then a man comes along
with a few promises
and you wind up like this
forever playing along

it's a long way to dawn
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