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i never said
i never sinned
it's just i've been where you've been
around the bend
more than a few times
more than a few

don't go to the darkside on me
whatever you do
one by one we will be left
the only two

don't die untried and way too young
after a series of trials you'll find you're far from done

now alone facing away from door
make it quick in order to avoid capture
making this such a dramatic ending to
before I had a chance to ever reach you

dignified pose
silence follows
I don't know what I never said
your ***** looks are so ritualistic.
fall backwards

this is not the time for evening wine
an empty bench like you've never seen a sunrise
am I dead?
bleeding on the wreckage
trying to make sense of what just happened,
kneeling close to you
i lived
mercy party Feb 9
a long silence before death
breathed in
held it
expelling all of my air with a sigh
sat down beside the bed on a chair
grabbed the spare blanket by the radiator
i stared at the wall and death not defiantly
mercy party Feb 9
the devil
under the truth
mercy party Feb 6
with a pitchfork in my side
you can't say i never tried
i'm beat and broken

i dragged my feet along
your roadside for too long
beat and broken

this could be a landmark day
the one i needed and i prayed
to find a way to let you know
before they deal the fatal blow

the burn of turpentine
in my veins all of the time
i've lost control
as times have gotten hard
in this haunted shipyard
i call my soul

don't want to go to the field today
'cause i'm not going out that way

the cold past
catches up with you so fast
never free
so don't you even bother with me
you might as well just call a priest
mercy party Feb 6
i'm sorry that your mother died
things are going to be just fine
she's probably at the bar tonight
wasted in the afterlife

i'm sorry that your father died
things are going to be just fine
he's a battered kid in ****
for all of those times
you were a punching bag
or maybe just the wall
or someone to play ball

take me out to the ball game
talk about the good ol days
stand up for the stars and stripes
have a slice of apple pie
go off to a war and die
have a coke and smile
It's all i can do

so i take a plunge head first
off a pier into the sea
so no one can touch me
mercy party Feb 5
i can't think of anything that is sadder
than the life of a weekday gambler
i'd catch the bus but i need a train
i'm going where it never rains

i know what it's like to be a loner
to run around like a secret smoker
always on the edge of town
had a shot once, got shot down

and i tell you this, it sure hurts to be back
spent all my time trying not to think about that.
then the day comes like it always does
i always figured i'd be back in the trenches.

i don't care about the nights in belgium
i often wonder what you're going to tell them
when asked about the new title track
hey man where'd you come up with that?

i never minded being left behind
i sort of laughed when i was robbed blind
so it goes, so it goes, so it goes
so i turn off my radio
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