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Mar 2020 · 436
thesa Mar 2020
i never felt so much

until today
i took a walk in the forest
and came out
taller than the trees
Feb 2020 · 396
thesa Feb 2020
your smile feels like a burning

an open flame
rising from the depths of your soul

and even if i want you more
than nothing else in this world

i still have
a paper heart
Dec 2019 · 167
thesa Dec 2019
i can't control my feelings
my feelings control me

seemingly i am
the byproduct
of all that burning
Nov 2019 · 1.5k
thesa Nov 2019
we played hide and seek by the rivers
and sometimes i would chase you

but never would you chase me
and when i asked why
you smiled because

love to you
was just a game
Oct 2019 · 247
thesa Oct 2019
i never learnt how to swim
yet here i am
with my head under water
and my clothes soaking wet

that the sea is more honest
with those who are willing to drown
Sep 2019 · 482
thesa Sep 2019
i never thought
that was possible

but here i am
still trying to catch the breath
i lost when my eyes met yours
Sep 2019 · 543
thesa Sep 2019
with my head on your chest
i listen to your heartbeat
and i know i've promised
i would never get addicted

but please tell me
how i'm supposed to stop
falling for you
Aug 2019 · 347
thesa Aug 2019
tell me
how many times may i still fail
until also you
will leave
Aug 2019 · 372
thesa Aug 2019
that night i held you
and your body felt so calm against mine
that i wondered

how you could sleep so tight
when there was a hurricane
rising right beside you
Aug 2019 · 1.6k
thesa Aug 2019
i'm paralyzed
my eyes hurt and i can't stop
the voices inside my head

tell me
which sense does the cure have
when i was comfortable
in my insanity
Jul 2019 · 494
easy to love
thesa Jul 2019
'don't be afraid
show me your darkness'
you said
'only the light is easy to love'
Jul 2019 · 479
thesa Jul 2019
because you fed my soul
it is empty now
Jun 2019 · 384
thesa Jun 2019
i kissed your smile
and for that one, sweet second
i swear we were infinite
Jun 2019 · 267
thesa Jun 2019
i lost myself in your eyes
but now you left
and i feel like
i am gone too
May 2019 · 386
i'm not sorry
thesa May 2019
i knew i couldn't survive you
a second time
so instead of
waiting, suffering
i left

and for once
i'm not sorry
May 2019 · 192
the sweet pain
thesa May 2019
my therapist tells me
i should get rid of everything that's toxic in my life
however, i can't give up on you
since out of all the pain i feel
the one you cause
is the sweetest
May 2019 · 369
thesa May 2019
i'm happy because i know
one day my body will dissolve into its atoms
and that's when i will reach
Apr 2019 · 496
the first one
thesa Apr 2019
you were the first one to look at me
as if i really was someone
worth looking at
Apr 2019 · 354
angel and the devil
thesa Apr 2019
last night i couldn't sleep
so i went outside to meet
the moon and his stars

they always seemed so far away
but they understood me so well
i asked the moon about you
and he told me
as much as it hurts
i'll have to let go

and to dry my tears he explained
'little angels can't keep walking with the devil
hand in hand'
Apr 2019 · 271
die for you
thesa Apr 2019
my love
please always remember
that even though i would instantly die for you
i will never live for you
related to one of my favorite movie scenes between Harley Quinn and The Joker - "question, Dr. Quinzel. would you die for me?" / yes / "that's too easy. would you ... would you live for me?"
Apr 2019 · 695
thesa Apr 2019
'you are just like these flowers'
you said softly
pointing out the forget-me-nots to me

'not only because they're beautiful
but because they had to take the rain
and to survive every storm
to be able to grow'
Apr 2019 · 377
thesa Apr 2019
we stopped saying goodnight
and i couldn't sleep anymore
Apr 2019 · 619
thesa Apr 2019
if people were canvas
i was a blank sheet
and you were the masterpiece
Apr 2019 · 271
the way we used to be
thesa Apr 2019
i'm drowning and you're drinking
you think i don't know that
you think i'm busy on my own
when actually i'm busy with you

you're drinking and you like it
the reason why we never drank together
is that you drink to enjoy
whereas i drink to forget

you live your perfect life
of which we pretend i was still a part
but in fact we both know that's not true
since you have no idea about me
and i have no idea about you

we lost us somewhere on the way
changing our childhood into being adults
our path split because you headed forward
when i was too scared to walk

now i'm drowning and you're drinking
and i know i shouldn't think of you
because you won't think of me
but oh hell,
how much do i miss the way we used to be
this is to a great, lost friendship.
Apr 2019 · 457
thesa Apr 2019
i swear
every time your lips meet mine
i lose it
i lose everything

it seems as if
we are our own universe
and you are and will always be
my focal point

i’ll be drawn to you
from where ever i am
i’ll be drawn directly into your arms
for you to welcome me home
Apr 2019 · 291
no place like home
thesa Apr 2019
you said your home is wherever i was
so please help me understand
why i found you in her arms
Apr 2019 · 821
thesa Apr 2019
it was you to tell me, angels can fly
so i let myself fall for you
and as you promised, i wasn't tumbling

until you broke my heart
and then my wings

but regardless of all the pain it seems
as if to be reborn, i had to die first
Mar 2019 · 665
thesa Mar 2019
currently i'm falling
but never asleep
Mar 2019 · 589
what if
thesa Mar 2019
what if
we had talked more
what if
we had tried harder
what if
we had loved purer

would i then
have been good enough?
Mar 2019 · 317
thesa Mar 2019
you left quickly, without any goodbye
but with the time i tricked my tears into a smile
Mar 2019 · 202
ignorance / innocence
thesa Mar 2019
i understand them now
those who say ignorance is bliss
because i know so many things
i just want to forget so badly

to maybe
be able to become innocent again
Mar 2019 · 461
thesa Mar 2019
i knew you were gone
when i suddenly felt alone in your arms
Mar 2019 · 138
in / love
thesa Mar 2019
lately i'm so much around love
to realize that i've never been in
Mar 2019 · 412
thesa Mar 2019
you have eyes like rain, hair like waves
and your soul is as deep as the ocean

tell me
how can i resist
drowning in you
Mar 2019 · 1.5k
thesa Mar 2019
i eat but don't taste
i sleep but don't rest
i laugh but don't heal
i love but can't feel
i like keeping it short at the moment
Mar 2019 · 1.3k
1 am
thesa Mar 2019
touch me carefully
i am broken already
Mar 2019 · 287
thesa Mar 2019
the wind blew dust into my eyes
but i got blinded long time ago
by falling in love with you
Mar 2019 · 832
thesa Mar 2019
the morning after we broke up
my coffee became cold
as my body went numb
Feb 2019 · 522
thesa Feb 2019
you tell me you love me
but when you kiss me goodbye
why do your lips
taste like you lie
Feb 2019 · 517
6 am
thesa Feb 2019
i am a mess today
and i will be the same tomorrow
Feb 2019 · 150
thesa Feb 2019
i watched
the trees blossom and grow
after winter slowly let them go
i saw them greening
and i wondered
why everything around me
started to live again
whereas i seemed
to die once more
Feb 2019 · 166
poetry is art is poetry
thesa Feb 2019

irritating dismantling

it is pure chaos
within an ordered mess
it is deadly vivid
leaving me obsessed

poetry is art
art is poetry
what am i aiming for
how come i can't see
what i 'm chasing

breath hasten
thoughts loosen
words crafting
pen moving

this blank sheet
i fill up with my fear
nothing artistic
rather sadistic

tell me
how many poems
does my pain demand
to sometime
sound like art
Feb 2019 · 226
thesa Feb 2019
we met again

my heart was pounding
against my ribcage
and i couldn't hold back
the tears

you were there
right in front of me
and i was able to see
your beauty being reflected
by the sunlight

i couldn't overcome our distance
and i couldn't stop my tears
when i was begging you
to come back to me
when i was telling you
how much i'm still in love
and that it's you
for whom i deeply crave

but you listened in silence
as i collapsed beside your grave
Feb 2019 · 506
thesa Feb 2019
i drank you
as my cure

when maybe the whole time
you have been the poison
Feb 2019 · 157
how far
thesa Feb 2019
you know
i’d always fall into your arms
as if i wasn’t able to breathe
and you refilled my lungs
with the sweetest air
i ever tasted

how far does my love to you
takes me
Feb 2019 · 187
far away
thesa Feb 2019
your promise said
you would be there for me
so i guess
you just happened to fly away

but tell me
how does it feel
to be so high
too far away to hold me
inspired by "without me" by halsey
Jan 2019 · 126
numb pt. 2
thesa Jan 2019
because it feels like
you're drowning
not being able to breathe

you're drowning
but you just can't
Jan 2019 · 197
numb pt. 1
thesa Jan 2019
it is suffocating
to be surrounded
by so much happiness
and not be able
to feel it
Jan 2019 · 294
dear little me
thesa Jan 2019
i know
you are scared
because you feel unsafe
i know
you are in pain
and that you feel misplaced

take my hand
and trust me

there will come a time
when you will know
what happiness felt like
there will come a time
when you will receive
the love you give to others
but most important
there will come a time
when this pain will stop
and these tears will dry

let me tell you
you will recover
from the thoughts that drown you
and from the ways
you were used to handle them
you will learn
to not think of everything
as your fault
but to find beauty
in the imperfection
and you will understand
how much you matter

let me tell you
you will be healing
as the scars
on your body and soul are fading
you will be grateful
for building up your place
in life's majestic maze
and you will become
the person you wanted to be
strong and wonderful
loving and loved
by so many others
however by yourself at first

you will discover
how to put together
all the shattered pieces

you won't be perfect
and neither will you ever
want to be it again

- because now i know
i'm perfect just the way i am
Jan 2019 · 669
domino effect
thesa Jan 2019
every step i take
my soul and body ache

and still
i hope
that by the end of the day

i will feel love
instead of hate
in all the pain
as if new life
rushes through my veins

because i'm human
which no longer means

i fall down
get up
and grow old
die young
to be proud
what i've done

it was a long way
and i took different paths
to form myself
how i am, act and love

but just as hurt
has a domino effect
so does healing

which i discovered
to be
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