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I sell sand
in the desert.

I sell leaves
in the forest.

I sell ice
in the glacier.

I sell tears
in the city.
in the kindergarten,

three gunmen
planted thirteen bullets
in thirteen innocent heads.

How many casualties?

You once told me
to sing you a lullaby
but I ended up
sleeping in my song.

You once told me
to sing you an elegy
but I ended up
dying in my song.
A rand for her hand
A shekel for her cheeks
A pound for her round
A peso for her torso

A dinar for a dine
A baht for a bath
A ruble for a rub
A euro for a rodeo
The bird
knit with
and strings

are being freed
on the sky

while the birds
stitched with
and songs

are being stapled
on the cage.
In the wilderness,
there's a monk.

In the metropolis,
there's a skeptic.

One day,

the monk decided
to move in the metropolis
to preach how he found
God's grace in the woods

while the skeptic
exiled his existence
to the wilderness
to stay away
from the grouses and whinges
of priests and preachers.

After a year,

the skeptic
praised God

as the monk
mocked his.
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