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jonas chibuike Jan 2019
Before the dawn
we are already gone
the crown come
no body to become
our impatience
Now our absence

We are so afraid
To let our emotion flow
In the motion
We will grow
Be strong
For lifelong
U will grow
As u belong
jonas chibuike Jan 2019
They searched for me
but couldn't find me
for in the sea of thoughts
I was lost
Searching for answers
of the questions
they couldn't answer

Why am I here?
Is there a reason am born
am I a product of chance
nor the outcome of coincidence

Am I so unique
or a repetition of someone else
or a clone
Same face
same voice
maybe different thoughts

Why do I meet the people
I meet
Are they part of my life
the ones who loved me
and those that cut me
like a knife
Are we all linked

The future what does it
have to offer
is it in my hands to create
What can I make of it

Is my life already predestined
Just translating the programs
Am Programmed to run
Till I finally shutdown

Lots of questions
It never ends
But I have got the answers
Follow my heart
And see where it takes me
jonas chibuike Dec 2018
Life is continuous
and things happen spontaneous
and simultaneous
of which makes it unable for us to control
now our best shot is to be cautious
not to be a victim of the spontaneous and simultaneous
tragedy of life.
Life is continuous,
even after death
yeah, our legacy lives on
jonas chibuike Dec 2018
I'm in the dungeon
thought am done
all said been done
kept all do's and don'ts
dot all I's and cross all T's
still couldn't break out of the bonds.

I would have solicit the help of mercinery
but my captors is imaginary
in my head they wine and dine
now am dying.

feels like am a ******
Keep hearing the echoes
voices in my head
of which I weakly heed
battling myself with no hope of winning
still I will keep fighting
till I could hear my own voice saying u are a victor

— The End —