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 May 2020 Kaput Koala
moon child
"I'm an open book"
She says

Written in
 May 2020 Kaput Koala
 May 2020 Kaput Koala
the star knows
all my secrets.

the sun sees
all my sorrows.

the moon hears
all my miseries.

the night holds
my very soul.
if you wish to know about me;
simple song
of sleep
in hotel

see me off
this cliff

lay me
and remove
my coat
of heavy
winter wool

let me
on clouds
of dreams
to lurk
 May 2020 Kaput Koala
I lie on my back,
gazing at the vast abyss
stretching above us.
 May 2020 Kaput Koala
Steve Page
I met a man walking backwards,
head to toe in high viz.
He was happy to ask for directions
and overtook the crowd with ease.

I met a man walking backwards,
telling me what was to come.
'Keep both eyes on the past,' he said,
'for the future is just re-runs.'
My daughter told me of a local man who walks everywhere backwards.  When she told me that hed asked for directions I just cracked up.  I haven't laughed that much in a while.
 Nov 2018 Kaput Koala
She walks by without a clue
Her bubbly personality and bright *** shoes
Laughter gush and spills, free and loose
Joyous even in the way she moves

She wears the world as hot as red lipstick
Explores herself and what’s not listed
Follows the rules but just has to break them
Sings in the night, when no one listens

The sun comes out when she’s ready to play
Curls bounce as she walks my way
She doesn't even know

Has never been touched with a lovers kiss
But she loves deeper than anyone I have met
Cares so deep, hugs so sure
Trusts so venerable, loyal for sure
She isn’t the rainbow
A color undiscovered
The flavor of happy, the taste of song
Flies like a bird, dancing in the lawn

Climbing trees, hanging in the park
Sharing her stories, girl likes to talk'
She doesn't even know that she is
My shining star, little piece of bliss
Showing the way when things get hard
Laughing when I cry
Cry when I laugh so hard
She doesn't even know
She’s my window in to happy
When it’s no ware else to be found
My excitement when my life is turned upside down
Noise that needs to happen
Hug I need to have
Person I know will be there
The smiles that’s for sure
Liesel you’re my happy pill
The one for sure cure.

— The End —