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Godwin Obi Jan 2021
Wretched is the lips
On fleshy and ****** bones
Daggers drawn and arrow aims
Draw rings on tethered hopes.
Godwin Obi Jan 2021
In the stampede of confused steps
In the staccato of metal music
As the moonlight laughed in our rooms
We gathered our nightdresses
With oily and shaky hands
And explored the dark terraces
Of the night
Amidst children's cries

The night previously shed innocent blood
Tonight it was hungry for another blood
The perception of blood filled the air
And every ****** being preferred darkness
Tonight every shadow was a man
Everyman was a source of renewed fear

The hunters gathered and caressed their guns
All day trading courage to women and strangers
And then stealthily approaching
The lions' den
As a robber targets his victim
In the night
To steal,to ****,to destroy
Circling the den their mouths sang their boasts
And the lions woke and roared
They put their legs in their mouth
And left their courage to strangers
Strangers became landlords
Landlords became strangers
      Unpredicted twist
      Unsolicited change
Who owns the land?

— The End —