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I'll provide for you sanctuary in the event that you're
adjudicated, in absentia, an international thought-criminal.
Men engage in hoping, praying, pining, longing, desiring, anticipating, expecting, inferring and insinuating after they've expended many of their waking hours denying, cursing, denigrating, degrading, blaspheming, destroying and denouncing.
HOW TO MOVE TO CLEVELAND, OHIO: (1) Learn about what
Cleveland has to offer for a family of 6. (2) Discuss Cleveland with
a trustworthy Ohioan. (3) Have your lips injected with polymer. (4)
Scoot your fat *** left unless you paid for 2 seats. Hoser!
There was a girl of 13 who had been severely scarred emotionally. One day, while she was bowling, a man approached her with scar cream. "Here," he said, "apply this scar cream 7,000 times per day and your horrible scars will disappear." She looked at him and then she looked at the scar cream. "Okay," she said confidently, "I will do as you have instructed." 23 minutes after that her scars were completely gone. She was eaten the next day by an alligator.
I can't release oil-filled whales into the whale oil-rich sea as it hurts
my whale-oil business from Miami Beach Gardens to west Dundee.
❌ Life is better in the Bahamas, especially
when you're covered in scars.
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