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Laura's 1d
Is like a plant that wilts
That rain brings back to life
I went through the motion of lifting weights
Without the heart to enjoy it anymore
I felt the time of sore joints and pains
When the joy of lifting
I had not known in years
Came back into my life
Much like what steroids do for some
Now I feel like I could lift any weight
I look in the mirror and don't see an older man
I see a boy who enjoys again the love of lifting
Who has a goal to get better and bigger
Who bench presses with a smile
Not a begrudging "I'm done with that set"
This is one thing that has lasted throughout my life
The love of exercise
I hope you all have a great summer. I am getting ready to take a vacation. The first one in years. You all take care of yourselves.
Laura's 2d
I am yours
You are mine
Arm in arm
Hearts entwine
Here today
This hour
This second
No matter the way
Joyous day

— The End —