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My wife is always there
Whether in my thoughts
Or each day we wake up
The hours we get to spend
during the week
Which isn't enough
But always
I mean always
She's in my heart
For she has my heart
I have the same friend
since I was a child
We grew up together
and ate lunch together
in the school cafeteria

We were in scouting too
He was there
when my parents divorced
as a boy

We went into the Marines
and survived it together
From there we entered college
then the work force

He was there when I married
and now at middle age
we live on the same block

There has never been a time
since I was young
when we didn't go through life
I can never imagine him not being there

His name is Jesus
He has been my life long friend
Since I was nine years old
He will be there with me even on the day I die.. I was hit from behind while walking on the sidewalk 3 years ago. The drive was texting. One more foot to the right and I would of been under the wheels and dead. He will accept you if you call on his name and invite him in your heart. It is too late when you die. If this helps one person I am truly happy.
Jesus my friend
Who takes away my sin
My thoughts he doth tend
A hug he does lend
A love he does send
He is there forever
For he has no end
A man lay on the cold cement
Weeping and wailing
In his torment
Adults walked by
without any care
Children came up
and started to jeer
"Get off that ground you ***** old ***."
"Our parents say your nothing but ****."
They laughed and taunted
some of them swore
"Why don't you die and be no more?"
The man looked down
at his ailing old form
He wished that he
had never been born
I told a homeless man good morning one morning. He ripped into me. He wanted someone to acknowledge him but at the same time was mad at those who didn't. We always take a chance putting out a hand for another. I still do, it's worth the effort.
is in nature
and form

I prefer form

In working out
to make
the body
as beautiful
as possible

It takes
a lifetime
to perfect

It changes
and matures

It is art
in flesh
and muscle
I was at the swimming pool one afternoon. A woman I didn't know came up and said You have a beautiful body. I have never been told that in the way she did....ever. She just wanted me to know that. Thank you again whomever you are. That was the nicest and sweetest compliment.
For me
Tent camping is freedom
Away from the world
Going into the woods
Having a camp fire
And relaxing
To watch the birds
And animals of the area
To go down to the lake
To watch the heron fish
To hear the wind blow
And watch the sunset
Being able to put aside
All the anger in the world
For three peaceful days
Gone Lifting Jul 10
God has blessed me
with a loving wife
I love her
Love her
I am so grateful
to have a woman
I am at ease with
Who makes
my heart race
I strongly
approve of marriage
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