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BEK Nov 2019
the moon demanded our attention
it radiated glowing rings
through a shimmering mist

your eyes were filled with magic
endless glistening stars
captivating every inch of me

the moon had a message
that could not be ignored
despite our efforts to suppress

as certain as the moon is pure and true
there was a profound storm afoot
a downpour

i took a long and deep breath
ensuring that every bit of the cleansing air
became a part of me

i fell into a deep and heavy sleep
the rhythm of the raindrops and the beat of the pounding thunder
composed a lullaby like no other

but, i was jolted out of my heavenly slumber
it was time to wake up and reclaim control
try to find comfort in the wisdom of the weatherman

surely his knowledge eclipses the moon's eloquence
the genuine peace from a lullaby
and the exquisite magnetism between souls
BEK Oct 2019
Rid me of this burdensome curse
A power envied by many
Yet I have no desire for such

Let your eyes twinkle
Illuminating all that is beautiful and kind

With no influence from
The fright inducing hypnosis
Inside these piercing black eyes
BEK Feb 2019
Hearts will shiver
Souls will howl
They will mourn for the gentle eyes
That promised love

All that remains
Is this cold cellar of darkness

Not a whisper of joy
Only the echo of melancholy
A dark
And lonely grave
BEK Feb 2019
Let me sink like a smooth river stone
An illusion of solid and smooth perfection
Yet a mere chunk of matter
The result of many falls and stumbles
Years of immersion at the surface
Of a relentless and powerful stream

Displace every bit of oxygen within me
Fill my body with water
Suffocate every bit of my existence
Intoxicate every ounce of red fluid with acid
Until this burden that beats within me is defeated
The invasion that frees my soul
BEK Dec 2018
A gentle smile to shroud this lightning
My face must never forebode
This pounding thunder within my soul
While my heart is lost in melancholy eyes
BEK Nov 2018
She called me 'sunshine'
For a moment, even I was duped
The illusion of warmth filled me

But she was a liar
Or a stranger
I have yet to determine which

I am not the light that the moon reflects
I am the darkness that surrounds it
I am the darkness
BEK Nov 2018
I was like a third grader on Show and Tell day with a boring rock collection
Although it took me years to create
And much resiliency through countless voyages
I had no intention of having it on display

But you were there
A rare and unique beauty
For you, my show went on and on
I displayed parts of me, piece by piece, by piece
Hiding nothing away

"This is from the time I sat on the beach and let the waves form me."
"This is from the time I was boiling hot and shot out of the earth."
You politely asked questions at first
An "ooh" and "ah" here and there
You're kind in that way

"This is from the time I surrounded myself with lots of other broken rocks for far too long."
"These are my remains from the time I jumped off a cliff."
I forgot to practice good showmanship
Leave them wanting more
I thought, maybe if I go on, you'll stay

"This is from the time I was under enormous heat and pressure."
"This is from the time I stumbled down a gigantic mountain."
I was consumed by the hope of captivating you
Maybe there was at least one noticeable rock in my bucket
Or perhaps a chance that I have quite an impressive array

I regained my senses
The clouds of hope that had muddled my view had now cleared
I noticed I ran out of "cool" rocks
Or maybe I never had any
I realized that I lost your attention long ago anyway

You were preoccupied with thinking about how cool the magician that came before me was
I thought, "Pleh, how cool is creating illusions and disappearing just to reappear in a box somewhere in another room or making you jump through flaming hoops?"
Or maybe you were anxiously awaiting the Show and Tell Grand Finale
The kid with the adorable puppy
I guess I really can't say

I decided to end my show with a bucket full of unseen rocks
I walked back to my desk shoulders slouched
Head slumped, level with the creaky old floor
I made a wish for the magician to return to thrill you with endless spellbinding tricks
Or maybe you'd be able to go home with the kid with the puppy
How cool is geology anyway?
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