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HanbijX Jan 2019
Where r u?
Now just see,
FAKE (u)
Where is love???

Rose full with thorn
But just past.
Now just see,
Future (may) without...
Each other
Still love rose??? then u will lose unknowing treasure.
HanbijX Jan 2019
I remember that u'r forget,
I'm forget... About "Her"

Not easy,
How the autumn change the rain???
So easy, for u.

U say everything about
But if all about
"not be alone"
Im ok to be
Totally forgot about u'r fake sure.
HanbijX Jan 2019
Maybe i'm not the first that holding flower from u,
But i'll be the first that always hold u'r hand when u fall,
Wipe u'r tears without say anything,
Wearing couple ring,
Come to u'r mother.

Wait...!!! let's make simple.

Dear the Future one,
Would u like to share home with me?
Be the first face that u see when u wake up every day,
Were busy, but still have time for dinner.

Dear the future one,
Would u like to carry every secret, love and child with me?
Talking about their future school, university, and their live?

Dear the future one,
Even now i don't know who u'r,
Let's be the good one,
Until Mr.future give us change,
To knowing each other. :)
Dear, no one :)
HanbijX Jan 2019
We say hey!!!
But actually at the time,
It's the ending.

We say bye!!!
But actually at the time,
It' the begining.

Today it's ending for us,
Until the time
Making for us (again)

I'll waiting for u,
To say...
HanbijX Jan 2019
Not u,
Not to me.
What is perfect?
Have u try to find the answer?

To young to know,
To stupid to use,
I lost u.
Tired, and once again i say "i'm sorry". even that's not my fault.
HanbijX Jan 2019
It's rain,
But i'm not getting cold.
something not u see
It's more work.

Maybe it's like u???
It's just chat,
It's just voice,
It's not real,
Tell me that all it's fake.

It's u...
Wrote this throught the rain, when im alone in cafe after i know that my boy meet with someone from his past. :)
HanbijX Dec 2018
Like u want....
"blame on me"
Like u want...
"all my fault"
Like u want...

Like u won't
"stop to other"
Like u won't
"not give up to u"
Like u won't
"don't hate"

Like u...
I falling to u....
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