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This is a typical travelogue:
bad food, poor sleep, rude people, cultural shock!
I cannot satisfy myself with flowers
Out of fear of never seeing the trees
Swim in puddles
When I know that I ought to dance in the ocean
Selfishly, I'm not sorry now
Though I may once have been
If you are niether as tall or as deep as these
But I want no wattage less than sunshine
No new life born of less than me
You will learn this quickly, perhaps
That I am a proud and patient sort of being
Maybe she was right to give me that nickname... Welp. OK.
( a poem I wrote last year on another site)

Hatred is simply a fractious bug on the brain
which doesn't always wash away with the rain
that is neither the rain of love nor that of homily

But if you solemnly profess belief
in the God right above
let this even to atheists be relief
that God only means love
for no religion preaches hatred to man or family

The wronged wishing to be placated
The tortured wishing to be avenged
Embittered humans provoked to malice and hatred
forgetting we are all but Adam's progeny and kindred
Alas, hatred's a scenario that so costs humanity

Most of us are tired of hearing
of this cause and effect'
circle of violence and repercussion
Why wilfully make yourself a target
and fall in lasting perdition?

We don't wanna hear the hate crimes is a virus
that has no earthly cure
Since compassion is a vaccine
to prevent it for sure
Yet some might think
this is easy to sing and easy to say
Gosh, but don't the world need more die-hard supporters
of peace till judgement day?

Keep the peace and spread it.!!
Do your bit, come use your wit.
Swat and squash the hate bug from your mind and heart
Promote love and compassion even with words and art
I do want to hurt you
The same way you hurt me
Your friendship
has calmed the storm that ravaged inside.
Your love
has extinguished the fire in my head.
Your laughter
has evaporated the tears in my eyes.
All that remains is calmness
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