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This morning, I am able to write the saddest lines.
As the sun rises, my heart bleeds for your presence, but you are not here.
The world shall mourn your departure;
No longer shall the sun adorn your eyes,
No longer shall the night hear your cries of passion,
No longer shall others see your beauty in real life.
We may have pictures, but they do not do you any justice.
For your beauty cannot be replicated by the
Strokes of a brush or by the click of a camera.

Not even these lines can emulate your perfection.
For your eminence exceeds the capabilities of my words.
You shall not be forgotten. Your rarity makes you special.
The fact that you will exist only in my lifetime makes you all the more precious.
And that is what make life all the more succulent.
However, you will be granted eternal life through the mouths of your peers,
The hearts of your family,
The Almighty above and through my lines.

So as long as this poem shall live and men have eyes to see and read,
So long lives this and this gives life to thee.
Loss, oration, friend, hope
I wish I had a happy day
But I just lost a friend today
And I kept begging her to stay
But they took her from me anyway.
Now her love’s a million miles away
And I have nothing left to say
But please come back to me.
Loss, need, pain, hurt
Everyday I see the same ice-cream truck go by
With the same children screaming and chasing after it
But one child never gets to try it
Whenever the child gets near, he speeds away
The child desperately wishes for an ice-cream truck to stop for her
So she may experience the taste, texture and good feeling
She dreams, but dreams are only dreams
She dreams for the day she can have ice-cream
One day, an ice-cream truck passes by to greet the children
But notices one is missing
The chant of the truck searches for the girl
But she never comes
One day, the ice-cream truck man asked where the last girl was
The mother stated she wasn't here because
She waited so long but you never came
Whenever she came near you, you sped away
The girl left without ever tasting ice-cream

Everyday I see the same ice-cream truck go by
But whenever the truck passes the final house
The ice-cream starts to melt.
Do words age well?
Some words, like dinosaurs, become ancient
And they are never heard of again.
Other words, remain immortal
And live for more generations to use them.

Words shall remain the vessels of our emotions
Until our dying breath.
Words will only die when the medium of speech disappears.
Words, aging, importance
What are you thinking about?
Are you thinking about the words on the page?

I know that you are reading my words.
And I know we are speaking at the same time.

Scribble, swabble, wink, wink, nod, nod, shuffle, shuffle
Just a mere test.

To get into your mind, I have to become you.
And I think I’ve done that.
As I sit writing, my pencil sometimes lifts off the page.
Sometimes I think too much when writing.
When sentences rush to your head, all wanting to be written
When thoughts wage war in your mind, all wanting to be heard
It’s hard to accommodate for all
Words that desire to be tattooed on a page
And to be read by another’s lips
But none know the difficulty of pausing, having your pencil lift off the page because of a lack for words.
The beautiful trees stand in glory
Flowers bloom showing their beauty
Grass spreads its intoxicating scent
Every color is vivid and jubilant
Happy for all to see their colors
Spring, a season of balance
Spring, a season of serenity
Spring, a season of joy
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