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Preeti Karnwal Apr 2019
there are still some sights
that scare me to death
I shiver
until they go away
Sometimes, it's easy to say
I'm brave
but so hard to admit that
I'm scared
still i'm so glad that i can
Preeti Karnwal Jun 2019
He knows too much about me
I don't know how....
he was only a stranger
he knew my wounds,
and he made 'em scars
Is it that I'm grateful?
he was there, with me,
all this while
but I'm afraid, since we met
he looks at me, so sweet his scent
when he's soft, I'm okay
he pulls me closer, I'm afraid....
Preeti Karnwal Jun 2019
He said,"aren't you afraid of me?"
I said,"I am,
I'm afraid of you,since we met."
he said,"don't show me your weak sides,
I might........"
i have sweet tooth for evil
that's what i choose every time
the vicious is a sugar coating
devour the crusts,
can never reach the insides

not like i don't know from the beginning
i just can't listen to my mind
with every bite, i know i'm falling
blacks are a must,
i'm regretful i can't reach the whites

i feel like i must take the comfort
wherever whenever it may suffice
even if i always end up falling
even if there is pain every time but,
my fancy for evil still doesn't die
I'm trying to feel your pain
Preeti Karnwal Jan 2019
that rain I wept kept my attention
so I couldn't see your tears
"it was never my fault" that's what i thought
and that's where I went wrong

"To hurt you, I didn't have an intention"
it created a blur
I think that i was sure, that it rained, the fault was yours
and that's where i went wrong

now it's an end to my delusion
as the skies are clear
now I want to lift the weight, say it's alright if it rained,
I beg forgiveness for my distrust.
Preeti Karnwal Feb 2019
When his body lay
With no soul and no motion
She crept close to him
To his heart that was not beating

Then tomorrow, his body,
Taken away
She’s still sitting there
That was her only way

Day after tomorrow, she cried
Thinking about him
And the way he used to be
How he used to live

Now it has been a year
His soul went to live another life
And his body disappeared
In the cave of days and nights

But she’s still sitting there
where he breathed his last breath
to make her heart believe
that he's still there
takin' a break for a while....
Preeti Karnwal Nov 2018
I'm on this island,
miles of water in front of me,
but i see no way i can ease my thirst.
I see stones,
some of them are just lying there.
Some are waiting to be able to be drawn away with the wind.
This place with no creatures needs me.
I, with an empty heart need this deserted island.
I can see the moon's reflection in the water
but i can't feel it's presence in the sky.
The stars seem to be finding their own reflection in the water.
It seems like the air is telling lies
in my ears as it moves away.
but still i get carried away thinking about the truths i could find in the lies.
but it's just because i want to be here.
I want to drink the water in front of me.
I want to live here,
On this deserted island.
Preeti Karnwal Nov 2018
I was sinking deep into my sleep and was
dreaming beautiful dreams
Little did I realize what nightmare I was gonna see
Suddenly Something so dense landed on my wound and a storm of pain flew in my eyes
The storm was short but so deep that
I almost drowned and died.
Preeti Karnwal Jan 2019
Her heart was so warm
when she held me in her arms
her love was undefined
her care, infinite
she had no questions
she had no disbelief
I had no fear when she was next to me
the world seems colder
than when i was within her
for her love is a blooming flower
that never withers
she didn't leave me
when i was at my worst
she kept the faded me
and gave me new colors
her soul a deep ocean
to come through her,
I don't know if i deserve
no matter how many lines i write to her glory
it's never enough
Preeti Karnwal Dec 2018
tell me,
tell me how to keep the flame of hope burning
how to let myself know that i'm getting better
tell me how to keep strength
when i can't stop my tears from rolling down my cheeks
tell me how to wake up from this nightmare
when i'm trying so hard to understand why i'm so deeply asleep
tell me how to keep faith
when it has all been burnt in the fire of the blames ahead of me
tell me how to stand up
when i know I'm going to be pushed down in the depths of this weeping Earth
tell me there will be good times
perhaps your words are something that i wanna hear
tell me before i find myself lying half alive on your wet floor
tell me before my soul leaves my body you are so in love with
tell me before you lose me and i lose....
all my feelings
when you feel love, never let it go
hold on tight
until your hearts unite
Preeti Karnwal Feb 2019
The time is so cruel,
it is harsh,
yet so powerful
The most powerful
If you could not think
about the time that passed,
you would know, Time is,
so beautiful
I hear the time passing
and as it passes,
I hear all the things
I couldn't see
I know how beautiful the time is
coz' my memories are stuck
in the past
that my present will never be.
Preeti Karnwal Jan 2019
Preeti Karnwal Nov 2019
As I'm forced to feel happy on the outside
I grow sadder and sadder on the inside
I was never black and white
It is now that I feel that colours are only on the surface
I bloomed up as thorns that were sweet to everyone
Haru haru I change myself
Haru haru I put a mask on
Haru haru there's vileness in my beauty
Preeti Karnwal Feb 2019
through my heart, a stake of silence
a silence I can't hear a sound of
I've been obsessed,
I am obsessed with this music
that's what I've realized in this stillness
oh what a misery!
such a separation can break me
down to pieces
and I can't pick those up
without music....
Preeti Karnwal Jan 2019
No matter how much
I cry,
It never laughs
But it seems so
to me.
Coz' I see the reflections
of their words
instead of myself
And my naked skin.
It's a cover, my skin,
to my blood
that's been lately said
to be *****
It's not so,
but it still feels that
the dirt is flowing inside me.
Saw the quote," mirror is my best friend , when I cry, it never laughs".
Preeti Karnwal Dec 2019
The way you turn the world upside down
without the fear of getting hurt, you fall on the ground
when you start a fight just to rest in the nurse's office
it's like you have innocence filled up in pockets
how can just one smile open my heart
maybe it's becoz we're on the same star
but is it something I can't see about you
Are you being you or are you hiding your truth
maybe you don't wanna be hated you're angry with destiny
i wonder if i'll ever be the one to set you free....
Oops!!!! I became cheesy
Preeti Karnwal Feb 2019
Preeti Karnwal Nov 2018
I can cross a million miles, but with you
I can reach the depths of sky, but with you
I can feel a million hearts, but with you
I can count the infinite stars, but with you
I can fight the cruel world, but with you
I can give the sweetest love, but with you
I can cry a million tears, but with you
I can smile to all my fears, but with you
I can work with my heart and soul, but with you
Without you, I'm the half of the whole, but with you
I'm the true meaning of life. With you
We can together reach the heights. With you
I can always be myself. With you
I don't need anyone else. With you
being the sweetest part of me. With you
I'm the most beautiful and so sweet, with you
JUST WITH YOU.........
Today i'm playing with flowers
I love how they're delicate
I won't touch the calyx
I won't touch your firm fury
I'd strike the corolla and ruin it
It's your homeless beauty

— The End —