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23/F/Alaska    "I do not know what makes a writer, but it probably isn't happiness" xxx William Saroyan xxx
kieran dacey boylan
29/M/Sydney    Exploring themes of life, death & existence via lyric poetry. A horticulturalist by trade, I collect & study plants, insects, geology, shells, orchids; really anything ...
♥ lovely and lonely ♥
18/M/South Africa    A write absolute nonsense.
Jack Jenkins
24/M/Washington State    I started writing in December of 2015. Primarily I focus on confessional poetry. Described as "sexy in a dark, brooding, poetic way."
F    I don't think I have a thing for poetry, but I love to express my emotions and insanity with words /\ 2 years clean & ...
Apporva Arya
21/F    We live for once,if we do it right.Once is enough. Graduate,coder, mathematician,poet, daydreamer.
F/The Milky Way    First Coffee
67/F/Tanzania    I live in Tanzania.I love writing poems and share them with friends and families. I also love teaching young kids.
I've been here for a while
Terry Collett
71/M/England    I have been writing since 1971 and have been published on and off since 1972. I am married to Pauline with 8 children( my eldest ...
23/F/The Northern Star    Not heartless yet. ;-)
Jaxon Thomas
13/M/Tennessee, US   
19/F/India    I'm not the person I used to be. Snapchat @khaleesi1901
S Olson
20/M/South Africa    welcome to my little corner of the internet IG: @ tshepangmlambo
16/F    'Sup
17/F/Caribbean    So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I'm both happy and sad, and I'm still trying to figure out how ...
18/F/Ohio, U.S.    here are my words, if you want 'em.
Gobinda Deb
22/M/India    Masters student in Computer Science. Being an ambivalent sometimes hard for me to express, so I write! Seeing the world as it is!
Johnny walker
66/M/Grantham    I have dyslexia which means I'm always checking for mistakes

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