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Time is an issue we adore...
Time is a hour, to witness the world
Time is an act of goodness over sakes we war
Time is a legend worth repeating, as if sense could

When set to serve, an angel a home
Does a creation in have, heed the silence we more?
Mercy in the scope of real enough alike, to atone
Half of nothing to see in the past, is still all for...

Another half of commitment
To wish with its roles of charity's fire and vehemence
What has the condition of my hand, to present a same meant
Courage under the tongue, or courage over such chances?

Begun in the lore we state, is our only love
To know and to trust, the coming hour to ourselves?
Looking well and fine, the taste of strength to come
Will a shred of human decency, have a look at what delves?

Time is a guarantee
To continue with semblance, the tryer at the door
Seeing the imagination we purpose, and dote, is seen
To continue in the way of relationship's that to some, are worth or
David Hilburn Jun 24
Sorry to know you
Sorry to keep a word to the wise
Sorry to hold contempt, a mind to blow
Sorry to save a sweet reason, you despise

Sorry is one to never forget
Looking out, for a friend to save the world
Shame and stirring a just, need to let
Will we still be friends, if I tell you early?

Sincerity in motion, the sight of completion
To these we are the profound, a comely insight
That knew the stoic, the few, for a saner intimation
When safety is areared to cope, are we certain we might?

Sorry, I fell in love...
With the blessing of heed, a worth to come by again
With the seasons of conscience, and the rules of thumb
That did look and see, the moments we favor with them
David Hilburn Jun 19
Lent a thrown
Mighty mention in a form, to own
A herald of since, and again, this

So sweet, the verses of a bible
Lore among sincerity, a covenant of also
And meticulous keep, to explain liable
The rise and fall of life, to principle's of though...

Those and the caring in future's of spirit
We call upon and claim, is a world to reserve
A strength for the coming hour, to hope and whit's
Adding but the meant, for meaning a new ideal, worth...?

Society at large, a health to remind us
The mercy in a stare of a lifetime
Is still with us, the composure of courtesy to a discussion
That has the day like the all of us, where there is call, there is trying

Let one more time, and with a voice
The arbitrary and the meager, to save a creation
That has chosen paradise, as well enough alone, loyalty
To become the still thriving and bared decision, of our cares intuition...

What would a stranger say, if a callous heed became a forces unity?
Like the rainbow of yore, time is an issue to overwhelm the could
With a greater cause than the collapse of love, into notion's duty
See the senses play amid power's and prayers, and we are the first of many, to see the good...
David Hilburn Jun 16
Found in a poem?
Silken marvel to hear a passion
Let among sour, the tale of a questioning home
Livid and its almost friend, of rascals and wondering

Light in the tree's, so confirmed for a glades wish
Through and through, the idea of love
Halts, and savor's a granted moment we relish
And prove is just same, as a home to wander about a covenant

Singing our praises, a bird of hardy exception, will take note
Look and see the imagination we prophecy
Is a clarity in reach, of cloud, sunshine and a breeze to devote
Itself and privilege is, the guarantee of another day

When we are simply the might
Today has seen the better of a sore truth
Welcome us to a legend in the habit, we sigh is a further right
To acceptance, and cares, we still define as a callous youth

Play? and see a marvel become the irony of earning us
In solitude we know no better, than to take the our, for offering
A shrewdness in the lend, and scatter for beckoning another thus
To a decidedly odd, but merciful clamor that has a soul to seek

Worth? and see a miracle know the spare to divine astuteness
Share and be, dare and lead, a willful eye to gall's redeemed
Time in its eternal march to wisdom and order in heed, that has a bless
To share, and keep intrinsic, a shadow of a changing thought for what we were, another's whim
Markedly familiar
Silhouettes liking the kiss
Patterned firsts, and a season willing
To see the world is all and is

Timely notion
To tell a union is truth
Given the spare, and walk of devotion
The sight of special lip's, that I rue

Charisma, is a stone living when all of a treasure?
Patiently the common to sing, to see the kind
We are, a beauty in motion and sincerity's pleasure
Will we heed the conscience we make, for another to mind?
David Hilburn May 26
Kiss me kindly
Secret's in the arranging, dance?
Sworn to order, and meant with real speed?
The music is forth and due, a fond assurance...

Seldom do we enter, the doors of austere must...?
Without a hand to shake, and simple looks...?
Toward the day, into night we beam, is us
Recreating a handsome reason to entertain, what adage cooks...

Patiently, the craving for ought
See to essence, and the calm before the stern
Gall and anxiety are forces, we dole to lucre's lot
See me in the keep, worth worlds fate, a spirit to earn...

A handful of salt...
A smidgeon of future call and how about, suppose...
A legendary loyalty, to quicken the pace of sense, ulterior...
A moreover and done, with a requited first to repose...

Do you notice a persistent rumor?
Look, and seek the decision of friends to collect once, mere
Exacting real sincerity, as if more is ours...
The tale of distance to have and said, a fact so dear...

Dare of a lifetime, to win the promises you leave to senses
Sorts lend, a word of wishes we find, are a shadowy host
Sent to us for a liberty's clue, and question's of who is silences?
Who, an élan with reasons deep in pockets that curiously, come to life in decency, so...
Wow, no more ginger ale until the room clears? I lead presence...
David Hilburn May 25
Patiently yours
Welcome home, to a daring
Here and now, the irony to detour
A sweetened burden, that also is hearing

A heart of dismay
Share and see me, have a love
Letting simple is and ask, become a world to say
And cope with a curiosity of yours, us

Spare the sworn duty, and make a little kiss a dream
Timely to a different cause, we have the silence
Of a coping that has seen the better, become a team
Effluence is such a work to admonish, like again

A butterfly in the stomach
A butterfly with a song in heed, and minding the gift
You made, for appreciation's start, look where we look
Talk where we talk, and walk where we walk, is...

Ruin we will know, the run to future strength
And a happier deed, than a clash with possibility
That saw the unique have the dream, we took for lengths
Of another guarantee of when avidity finalizes a smile, we could see...
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