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Veronica Dec 2018
A sudden goodbye
So you took away your own life
I bet you were too tired of
Hiding behind the pain.
To tired of putting on the mask .
Your fake smile had hidden a
Lot of pain. You got way
Too tired of those sleepless
Nights and the hope that joy
Cometh is the morning yet
The morning came and the sun
Refused to shine .
So you looked for an easy but
Difficult way out i bet it felt like your only way to ease your pain.
Yet you caused so much pain to
Those who really cared.
You always found yourself in a
room full of people yet you felt so
alone . You kept it all in hoping
That someone will care enough to
As if you were okay . And to tell you that it's okay not to be okay.
Everyone was way too busy to
Notice your pain and save you
From yourself.
Now we are here left with so many
others are left with so much guilt .
others are left with so much blame
and all this will hunt us forever
because we failed you.
You silence spoke volume yet we
Refused to listen .
Now we will never know what was
Hunting you .
This will forever be a question
without and answer .
My heart has been scattered in
To million pieces .
Goodnight little angel until we
Meet again .
Sudden good bye an angel has fallen
Veronica Dec 2018
So 10 months of waiting.
10 months of endless prayer.
10 months of my faith being
Tested .
10 months of waiting for the
Funny how i don't like to
Wait yet you kept me
Waiting .
the thought of holding
You kept waiting .
the thought of losing you kept me
10 month of not knowing if i
Would ever hold you.
Time was running out fear started
Kicking in but my faith kept me
Going .
Losing you was not an option .
Having you was the only choice.
My little blessing.
My bundle of joy.
My fayth.
The only human being that
Knows how my heartbeat sounds
Like from inside .
God trusted me to be your
Mother that was enough .
He is faithful so i called
Her fayth (faithful) .
Fall inlove with her before
I held her and still continuing
To do so now that i have her .
Now i know how true love is
Unconditional .
My fayth is the center of
My little world.
My heart in human form .
Love at first sight
Veronica Dec 2018
A day filled with endless prayer .
A cold night with endless thoughts.
One word stuck in my head
"operation " .
My body fell asleep but my mind
Refuses to sleep.
Couldn't wait to hold but too afraid
To lose me in the process .
The fear of never meeting you
Hunted me like a restless soul.
So the moon had fallen and
The sun awaken so did my
Nightmare arose .
My greatest fear become
My only way to my biggest
Blessing .
October the 3rd .
The day i met her for the first
Time .
The day i overcame my greatest
Fear and welcomed my biggest
Blessing .
She calls me mom.
I call her my life .
My soulmate witnessed
It all.
He watched silently as his
Dream of being a father
Was turned into reality.
As the tears filled his eyes
He welcomed his little princess.
Love at first sight .
MY lil blessing
Veronica Dec 2018
If i was a poet my
first poem will be
About how she
She makes the sun go on it's knees every evening and the stars shy every morning.
I would write about her much of a blessing she is to everyone that crosses her path.
I would write how much the would is luck to have a person with a beautiful soul like .
About how the world need more angels like her .
I would write about how she iluminates the room that knows nothing but darks .
I would write about how blessed i am to have her as a sister
The are few people that you meant and turn into a sister

— The End —