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What does it mean,
To feel alive?
To be yourself?
To love? To cry?

I always searched
For a feeling or thing
That brought out my joy,
Made me laugh, made me sing.

I think I've finally
Seen the light:
Fall in love with each moment,
Fall in love with your life.
Doesn't just judge books by the cover...
It tears them right off,
And discards the pieces.

For what use is brains
In a body that is only good
To be the object of lust?

And what a waste of time
To try to read deeper?

But don't they know
It's impossible
To carry the weight of the world
When your spine is already broken?
You are a beautiful girl,
Tall and perfect and fair,
Slender but curvy in all the right places,
Natural beauty that makeup doesn't need to hide,
High cheekbones and gorgeous, long-lashed eyes,
Full lips that curve into a sweet but **** smile,
Long legs with a nice ***,
A perfect flat stomach,
Long wavy hair...
A beauty in every way.

I guess you also have a brilliant mind.
I wanted to model my life after a rainstorm:

To embody the excitement and freshness and screaming vitality
of a torrential rain on a hot summer day
To show off my clouds and shout out with thunder
My worries and sorrows, my failures and fears.
To laugh and cry and run and shriek
With windstorms and hailstorms and post-summer sleet.

But most of all,
I wanted to flash through people's lives like lightning
So, so bright and unexpected and beautiful and alive
That they held their breath and scanned the skies
For just one more crackle of energy and excitement
That makes them question their mundane grey lives.

If nothing else, I'll be petrichor
The soft, sweet reminder of new life to come.
That puts a smile on people's faces
As they, for once, stop, and breathe,
And remember that
They, too,
I can't see the future
I can't change the past

For once,
I pause
and breathe
and laugh

Because in this moment
I am
So, so
"I am so, so alive"
~ Maggie Stievater
… the phrase that has shaped my life
You say
life is

I say
that’s the only way
you can give it your own
I'm a girl who has always loved exploring.

The only problem
With escaping the safety of your comfort zone...
With living life without the filter of a phone...
With chasing excitement and adventuring alone...

Is that wanderlust
Is not
the only type
of lust.
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