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Mar 2020 · 417
just a b-day
Jade Quirk Mar 2020
When it's my birthday

People will ask my age

They'll say,

"You're not actual 18

Until this 7:12pm today"

And I will politely 

Tell them to go away.
It's my birthday? I am 18, and the panic is low at ride. I am 18! I am 18? I know turning a age doesn't change anything in me, just other people perceptions.


I am 18?

Who decided that was a good idea?
Jun 2019 · 271
Alone after shift
Jade Quirk Jun 2019
I feel the gloom come to me when I was alone in the parking lot.
It told me  that I didn't want to be. I knew that if I sat long enough I wouldn't know the difference between It and me.
Today was a good enough day.
Why can't I ever be good enough?
Sometimes I think too much
May 2019 · 205
Jade Quirk May 2019
I was a curious child, as all children should be.

My parents let me keep my dislodged teeth.

I started collecting,

I wanted to have a full smile.

Not only that,

But I had red clay that I made heads with;

How cool, would that be,

If I could make one with a smile?

Needless to say, I didn’t have many friends.

What I had were smiling heads.
True story. I don't think I was a lonely child, just an alone child in her world.
Dec 2018 · 199
Jade Quirk Dec 2018
I believe I'm prone
to fear my unknown.
Nov 2018 · 164
Jade Quirk Nov 2018

She looking through
Fate and you
Arms around her
It’s a blur,
in Fear's hello
She feels so
So so so so
S o s
Alone. Alone.
Nov 2018 · 1.1k
Jade Quirk Nov 2018
“Jade, I am not crying”
“Never, your eyes are just running
You’re glowing though.”
“You’re glowing too. You know”
There are some people who's very continence glow.
These was a very precious  moment I had with friend
Oct 2018 · 319
Jade Quirk Oct 2018

I could just be a brain
It should feel the same.
Made singles coming in
To my brain in a water bin

But if this is all fake
Imagining you- best mistake
But I don't think I can take the credit of making you
Oct 2018 · 251
Jade Quirk Oct 2018
Hello again. How are you, Time?
Can you please stop stealing
Memories that are mine.
Oct 2018 · 48
Pandora's Box
Jade Quirk Oct 2018
We're staring at the depths:
for there is a hanging rope,
Placed in the music box.
Still, friend, there is also hope.
Oct 2018 · 313
Jade Quirk Oct 2018
It’s still 2am!
2 AM stuck in the same zone again
I’m in a room full of louding echos
Thoughts I simply can’t let go
I’m quite sure the world is upside down
And some people’s smiles are starting to frown.
As I lay awaking with an open head,
I’m letting moments spill over the bed
Flooding the floor.
As more memories pore
And I am alone no more.
Time pulls me back and I sink
Tumbling off realities brink.
When times rewinds it’s awing sight
One is quietly assuring, “It will be alright,
we’ll be alright.”
Wow it’s 2 am.
Then I want to sleep ;)

Late, late night in bed it is hard to feel okay. When the thoughts can drown you.when I just want to go to sleep. But sometimes hope assures me just to go to sleep.

— The End —