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Jo Nov 2019
New pen, same old story.
Children’s hour, Jackanory.
Binary one - Binary two.
You love me and I love you.
You’re an **** hole and I’m a fool.
You use me and I hate you.
Jo Oct 2018
Stop wallowing in your
it makes me *****.
How dare you be
it causes me pain.
makes me a victim
If I can't be
neither can you.
Jo Oct 2018
Go ahead pick up the cup
Go ahead and drink it up
Why’d ya leave your glass half empty
When all around’s a world of plenty
Jo Oct 2018
You find me when I walk alone -
are my companion when I'm on my own.
Standing by me in a rowdy crowd,
you encourage me TO SPEAK ALOUD.

There are times I know you grapple with fear
but instinctively know when it's time to appear.
Rising up, you hold my hand and walk me through this desolate land.
Giving me a voice when some have none;
only we know how far we've come.

I want to say thank you.

You punched that bully in the face;
gave me strength to run the human race.
And from the ashes you raised my voice
giving this woman what I like to call choice.
Jo Oct 2018
The spinning wheels tread the tyre tracks of time
flashing by --- white lines merge into one
long length
of complex thread
that knit us together
connecting roads that separate us
pulling us close
stitching our lands
reforming Pangaea - no oceans to cross
just you at the end of my long DNA strand.

— The End —