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914 · Jan 2019
A letter for myself
Dear myself,
Thank you for surviving all these years, even if we know that we're struggling.

Thank you for being strong, to face all the problem, even if we're the only problem.

I know you're tired, me too.
I know you're hurting, me too.
I know you're barely breathing, me too!
I know you can't even show your smile anymore.

But, thank you for already survive these hard years.
Thank you.
Its me, who lost everything.
But i'd always tried to survive and keep going....
Wish me luck.
572 · Oct 2018
i'm not drowning in your love,
But i'm drowning in your tears,
385 · Oct 2018
Im sorry, broken boy
Broken boy
what would you do?
if your sister
your bestfriend
your girlfriend
and your family left you behind?
what would you do broken boy?
I only had a few days left in here
i can't take care of you anymore, broken boy
3 years we've been through, together
through the hangover and laugh
i'm sorry my friend, I'm sorry if i let you down
but, life would get better.
You will not get abused again by your father anymore
You will have a gf and a sister who loved you just the way you are.
Forgive me, for what i did to you..
One of my friend always get abused by his own father, after his mother passed away, he been through a really hard days. In the only one his friend that he could trust, but im must leave him, i'll flight to France on 2 November 2018, And im afraid that he would not survive alone, i really concern ahout him but i must flight to france and live in there about 4/5 years. His Girlfriend cheated on him, somebody that he called "sister" left him.
287 · Oct 2018
Waiting For You.
I'm here everyday
through so many days and night,
just for you.

I'm here every time
through the second, minutes, hours
just for you.

I'm here for every tears you shed
through every pain you feels,
but you still get along with him.

Now you were here,
with me.
you don't need to be worry,
its safe now.
the pain has gone,
now you will be an angel in heaven.
for My ex Girlfriend who passed away a years ago..
129 · Jan 2019
Hope for a light.
Why do you, with your small hands,
try to carry all these wounds on your back?

It isn’t for anyone’s sake, please don’t push yourself too hard,
Why am I.... while hesitating, i unable to escape?
What I hope is for the sun, the sun to light the way.

Find the way though in this glowing cosmos
our hands can’t quite reach each other,
We depend on only our resounding love,
Because at the end of the path we’ve travelled, we’ll find the light.

You said, “I had a long dream…
It was a very sad dream",
But what I saw wasn’t one bit clouded,
I said,
“It’s okay to cry, because I’ll stay by your side no matter what.”
All I wish is for a hand, a hand to reach up to me

Find the way,
Even without words,
Even without wings to fly on,
As long as we stand our ground in the wind,
Even if we’re the first ones afflicted with this pain.

Giving an answer surely isn’t everything
I’ll be patient, it’s all right, and so you are.

We'll find the light,
You’ll find the way.
For my late best friend, best partner, and best girlfriend ever, who passed away cause of cancer.
I hope you can rest in peace, i hope we can meet again someday.
Yeah, someday maybe..

On a place that we called, "heaven".
99 · Feb 2019
Who am i?
Why i can't smile anymore?
I don't recognize myself these days
What am i?
I don't know exactly what am i,
I feels like a dead man walking through the night and day.

Why can't i feel love anymore?
The kind one
The warm one
The most i wanted just being loved.

Hey, old friend
How's you going?
I came here every single day when the sun is set ,
when i'm feel sad,
I read on your epitaph..
Its Such a great words
"Light will be shine on you."

Why you just go without saying any goodbye?
Are you forget about our promisses?
Well, right now,

I think it'll be just me.
Me, myself, and i.
Now, i had to love myself.
90 · Jan 2019
I hate you.
The Debt comes first,
When i live my life like a surf.
Up and down,
Rose blooms in black,
Lose something who never come back.
I read on your epitaph,
It said "the beloved one".
But i think it must be "the most loved."

I just can't lift the weight
I'm too tired.
I need a little break.
I hate to admit it.
I was weak.
You crying without a tears,
You laughing without a smile draws on your face,
But still, you saved your friends,
Risking everything just for somebody else sake.
You're hero without a cape for us,
Even tho we never know that you hold everything alone,
Fighting your illness all by yourself.

But now you can take a breathe,
Now you can feel relief,
Its your finish line,
All this time you running without a leg,
Now you have your own wings to fly into a better place up there.

I love you, brother.
Sincerely, moonlight knight sister.
Yes, the owner of this account has passed away, im his sister want to close this acc after i posted this.

Goodbye, thank you so much everyone who likes and read my brother poets.

— The End —