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  Sep 2020 Sin
I’ve never understood the phrase
Your kindness is your weakness.
If it’s weak being kind in a world
That is so often cruel,
Then I will happily be
The exception to the rule.
  Sep 2020 Sin
Carried on the wings of a bird too frail to have left the nest
you fell to the roots of a grand maple that was clinging to a thread.
As it collapsed, branches and leaves falling, you exclaimed,
"I, too, rise above the world around me, reaching such heights."
But you failed to notice that it was just the world falling apart.
And like the bird that bore you, you, too, will not survive the frost.
Sin Sep 2020
I wake up,

Caged by my fears

As laughter surrounds,

Fantasies of Darkness  

Death likes to dance

Grabs me by my waist

Body close to my heart

Please take me away
  Jun 2020 Sin
sheila sharpe
He watched her
He knew She was a blank slate
upon which he could write
an easy target to keep fixed in his sight
the bullets of his control hit her one by one by one
until he could see through her to project
the insidious gleam of his dark sun

His control made
a full fathomed mine of her soul
for his mind was the centre of
his self perceived Universe
he enslaved her until
he had stolen all of her self control

She withered until she was a mere husk
her mind dissolved by his poison
until she was nothing
until she was no longer whole
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