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The stars blink in awe
when the soul gleam from love,
of the gleam of souls
the celestial light
bursts forth
and life miracles
radiate in eternity.
Love was born
and set the worlds alight.
I will find you in the shadow of words,
in the hidden signs of silent moments,
in the eloquence of your eyes,
in a tingling in the spine,
in a trembling in the voice,
in a distant memory
be there....
Where is the magic?
We all start out knowing magic.
We are born with hurricanes
and whirlwinds, oceans
and galaxies inside us.
We are able to sing to birds
and read the clouds
and see the destiny
in grains of sand.
But we have forgotten the magic
and we feel without compass,
alone and desperately,
only selfishness, only pain,
fear and darkness.
But, magic of love has never
disappeared from the life,
the love hold the life.
Don't tell me the stars
stopped the dream.
Don't tell me the birds don't fly.
Don't tell me the kids stopped crying.
Don't tell me the lovers are lost.
Observes the wonders
as they occur around you.
Listen blessings dropping
their blossoms around you.
We are the gleam of invinite,
the breath of light,
the spark of life,
the chain of being,
the circle of the spheres,
the scale of creation,
the rise and fall.
We are what we are
and we are not.
We are the soul in all.
Little by little,
we will turn into stars,
little by little,
we will turn into the infinite universe,
little by little,
we will spin in eternal ecstasy,
hand in hand,
pure love that flows.
From love, fire becomes light,
from love, sorrow becomes joy,
from love, fury becomes mercy,
from love , thorns become flowers,
from love, sickness becomes health,
from love, dead becomes alive.
Love, just the sun
shines on to our world,
without any exception.
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