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I want to look as empty as I feel
And I suddenly felt at peace,
One the pills passed my lips.
This whole lifetime of struggle.
Heaven cast me aside,
While hell welcomed me with open arms.
It’s lying on the floor because your bed feels empty.
It’s sitting in the rain, letting it touch you,
Because nobody else wants to.
It’s your body begging you to eat,
But you can’t even do that.
It’s writing love poems to your demons.
It’s hugging your pillow wishing it had a pulse.
But it never will.
It’s the dark place I live in,
The only place I feel accepted in.
I’m a danger to those around me,
I could destroy every relationship,
In seconds.
But instead,
I destroy myself.
Buried Words Sep 10
The hardest part.
Is realizing that..
We are

Buried Words Sep 9
I craved the feeling,
Of being teared open.
I need my skin to split.
I need it to pour out,
For the thoughts to disappear.
So I relapsed.
I took my tool,
And slit my wrists.
And as the crimson oozed,
My pain went with it.
Seeping onto the floor,
Drop by drop,
My memories leaving my body,
Until there was nothing left,
Not even me...
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